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At Pavillon Wants ‘All Eyes on You’

New single “All Eyes on You” by At Pavillon is the latest release in this Austrian band’s inexorable rise to prominence. Their preceding singles have experienced notable success throughout Europe and their growing profile in the United States will likely expand exponentially on the backs of this infectious new single. It’s nothing short of inspiring to hear how well the band’s four musicians bring together the glittering funk guitar lines with assertive drumming, a jaunty pace, and exuberant vocals that never veer out of control and help maintain the mood of the tune. “All Eyes on You” comes along with an accompanying video emphasizes the level of professionalism listeners and music fans discover with this band and it’s further indication of their clear desire to reach the widest possible audience. At Pavillon’s march towards success in the music world seems more and more inevitable with each new release.


“All Eyes on You” immediately establishes itself as the best song yet from the band less than a minute in. There’s very little preamble before the song begins in earnest and they maintain an early mood throughout the song’s entirety while finding amplifications within the arrangement that makes for some memorable peaks. There’s a careful structuring of this song that never fails, however, to crackle with energy from the first and the vocals from rhythm guitar player and lead singer Mwita Mataro equal both the energy and intensity of the musical effort. There’s some great, surprisingly fiery guitar work during the final lap of the song from lead guitarist Bernhard Melchart.



Get the meaning behind ‘All Eyes On You’ At Pavillon


Despite only forming in 2014, At Pavillon plays with a chemistry level that sounds like they’ve been together for years and the effortless punch of the playing distinguishes this song from many of their contemporaries. Much of this is surely a product of natural talent, but more of it is likely attributable to the extensive experience they’ve logged as a live unit playing through the European continent.


Mataro’s lead singer capabilities are an important reason why this song is so killer and he has an immense confidence rolling right alongside a personable streak in his vocals that helps get the tune over. The backing vocals popping up at various points through the song help strengthen the overall performance, especially the chorus, and enhance the melodic virtues of the cut. He has a tight grip on how to deliver the lyrics with phrasing highlighting their percussive aspects and accentuating the intelligence but simplicity behind the words. It’s ideally crafted for commercial success and radio play without ever sacrificing the credibility of their rock pedigree – the band’s configuration alone should indicate some influence from traditional rock.


At Pavillion’s emergence from the Vienna, Austria scene has been fast and its accelerating with each new release, but this new one promises to be the cannon shot they’re looking for to carry their name far and wide across the music world. “All Eyes on You” is an appropriately named song for a band who clearly wants every ear listening to them.




     -review by Scottie Carlito

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