Audiobender – Returns With A Taste Of Their Live Show

We get music sent to us from all over the world to listen to.  This is great, but what I personally miss most is getting out there and seeing all these bands perform live.  Unfortunately I can’t fly all over the world to check them out.  That is why it is exciting to check out a live record from these amazing bands.  The latest one we received is from old friends Audiobender.


We covered the San Jose, California band back in March for the release of their album Reverb which showed off some good time energy.  Their catchy pop friendly rock n roll has helped them build up a rabid fanbase.  Audiobender doesn’t aim to be political or change the world but instead just to make everyone within earshot have a good time.

A couple weeks back Audiobender released the live record Live At The Whiskey.  The 9 track album was recorded live at the legendary Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood back in February.  There are no punches pulled straight from the intro when lead singer Jared Richard lets you know they are about to “rock your fuckin socks off”.  The talent is showed off early on “Alright With Me” with impressive drumming and guitar fills getting the crowd pumped.  The pure rock and roll groove is strong on “MFH (Here Comes That Girl)” with its pumping beat and soaring vocals.  These guys can slow it down live too on “One In The Hand” giving the fans a moment to recover and fire up their lighters.  The energy continues all the way to the closer “Let It Bleed”.  It is amazing that these guys can still bring it that late in the show.  This whole record is a powerful listen that I appreciated being 3000 miles away in New York City.  Keep up with the band and hopefully catch a show for yourself at:

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