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Auresia Brings Us The New Sound Of World Pop

Music will always be a force in bringing the world together. Sounds from all corners of the globe have been successfully melded into songs that are truly global now. The constraints of genre no longer matter. Our recent discovery Auresia has taken this music of the world to even further heights.


The Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist brings together a unique mix of styles. In the songs of Auresia you can hear Reggae, World Pop, Latino, Folk, and even sounds from her Ukrainian heritage. This will keep your ears fully entertained as you are left guessing which direction she will go in next.


The star of Auresia has been steadily burning brighter. She has had the opportunity to perform at festivals around the world alongside such talents as Shaggy, Kymani Marley, Cocoa Tea, Sister Nancy and Tanya Stephens. Auresia has also been nominated for numerous awards, taking home Top Singer in the Reggae Xclusive Awards in 2014.


The latest album by Auresia is her third. It is titled Raices. The 7 track record continues to show her development as a truly talented musician of the world. The recording was split between Canada and Cuba adding even another element to the Auresia sound.


The album opens with “On The Road Again. It is a bouncy reggae led track that sets the tone for the fun and beautiful journey the listener is about to embark on. The body will begin to sway before this one comes to an end.


The real beauty of Auresia’s voice shines through on “Good For My Soul.” The intricate spanish guitar and bongos add a pretty tone. We are transported to a romantic setting where she is singing just for us. As the song progresses, she even speeds up and lets the power of her voice glow in different languages.


Auresia Is A Product of The World




The title track “Raices” or Roots in Spanish is a special song to Auresia. It is an homage to her mother who was tragically lost to domestic violence. The music video was filmed in her native Ukraine to get back to her roots. Some alluring traditional acoustic instruments are brought in to make “Raices” feel even more organic.


The sounds of the Caribbean islands are heard on “On My Way”. The upstroked guitar, wind instruments, and traditional percussion layer perfectly for a completely entrancing song. The vocals are just as pretty as you can feel the real emotion in each note.


The new music of the world is here in the form of Auresia. Dive deeper into her music and story on her WEBSITE.


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