NoMBe Shares His Heartache With New Video

Have you ever been let down by that special someone? Or through a rough breakup? Some of us have, but one artist shows the extremes of heartbreak in the new video, “This Is Not A Love Song.” Los Angeles-based musician, NoMBe, follows up his 2020 release, CHROMATOPIA, with a video featured on the album. “This Is Not A Love Song” is a hallucinogenic video, viewers will find satirical but comforting.

The critically acclaimed artist has been busy since the release of CHROMATOPIA, but not as busy since his debut in 2018. They Might’ve Even Loved Me is the first album by NoMBe that has caught the ears of 178 million Spotify listeners, some including EA Sports members and Pharrell Williams. Some songs have even landed on television shows such as Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Ozark, Shameless, and Ballers. These are just a few accolades the artist has been racking up. NoMBe has also opened shows for Bonobo and alt-j along with performances at SXSW, Lollapalooza, and Bottlerock. If this hasn’t caught your attention, then the “This Is Not A Love Song” video should.

Watch the video for “This Is Not A Love Song” by NoMBe below

“This Is Not A Love Song” is from the recently released album CHROMATOPIA, which questions the judgments we have about love after break-ups. This track contains dream pop, electronic, and soul as ingredients to create the dreamy video NoMBe has released. Depicting himself in the afterlife, a casualty of grief, NoMBe stands somberly between a mirror and the world around. A strong emphasis on misery some may feel, NoMBe exaggerates this feeling with scenes flowing from beachside to forest in the afterlife.

With recognition from Elton John and Rolling Stone Australia, the German-born musician is continuing his path of excellence, stretching his voice to the regular listener. So, if you’re looking for a jam to ease your heartache, “This Is Not A Love Song” should be at top of your list.



If you’re looking for a bonafide rapper, treading between the brinks of Avant-jazz, hip-hop, and reggae, then look no further. “King James” is the new single by Toni Sauna that will fulfill the need most hip-hop heads seek. The Akron-born artist has dedicated this song to his uncle James, who is shown on the front of the cover. Not only has this been an ode to his uncle, but to a fellow-born Akron titan and cousin, Lebron James. Now residing in Stockholm, Sweden, Sauna is continuing to grow, using his connections to produce and release music listeners are waiting for.

With an off-kilter flow, Sauna has released numerous singles and eps. Following these with an album, Denise, set to release July 9th, 2021. No stranger to the music scene, Sauna is just a moniker for the mystic emcee. AKA Anthony Mills, Sauna has made notable collaborative efforts such as: touring with Harry Belafonte and forming the duo, Wildcookie, with producer Freddy Crueger. Sauna is also a part of the modest UK-based music label, Def Pressé, alongside legendary underground producer, Damu The Fudgemunk. These connections would lead to the ascension of Toni Sauna and his esoteric creativity.

You can listen to “King James” by Toni Sauna below

“King James” is a prime exhibition of Sauna’s creative ability: delivering an effortless “stock” flow over a gritty boom-bap instrumental. Listeners will develop nostalgia toward the days of MF DOOM and Madvilliany.

“Bro, I stay lo-fi I can’t stand drama”

Spending years within the New York boom-bap scene, Sauna has even categorized his style as “anti-testosterone”. Backing this up with an ample Lo-Fi discography, similar to the 90s boom-bap era in New York. It is transparent where Sauna received his influences, transforming into the eclectic maestro listeners are aware of now. Again, if you’re on the search for an authentic sound, “King James” will suffice the hunt and add flavor to your music collection. Be sure to follow Toni Sauna on social platforms and catch Denise on July 9th, 2021.


Rarin Expels Bad Vibes With New Single “Toxic Ends”

If you’re looking for a song to party, play on your playlist or simply want a pick-me-up from a long day, then the new single ”Toxic Ends” is your answer. The new song from musical artist, Rarin, dives deep into the abyss of trust and ridding yourself from toxic influences that may be holding you back. This isn’t the first attempt Rarin has stressed this important message. “Toxic Ends” has been followed by singles “SO WHAT!”, featuring BrxkenBxy and “GTA”, which have been viral sensations for the artist. With nearly 18 million views on YouTube and a growing fanbase, it is no surprise that Rarin has also acquired attention from the influential Fortnite community to further his success. It is also no wonder why Rarin has gained adoration from his listeners, offering various twitter contests and giveaways, creating an artist-listener relationship. This is something the rapper is doing differently amongst his peers within the music industry. 

Watch the video for “Toxic Ends” below

Combining pop and hip-hop elements, Rarin delivers a stellar mix similar to big names such as Travis Scott, Post Malone and Juice WRLD. A groovy drum pattern banging over a fuzzy synth melody makes this track distinguishable: even more so with the salient vocals of Rarin spreading his message. This isn’t the first superb mix Rarin has provided. As mentioned before, the artist has released various singles which follow suit of this bubbly song. The Florida-based rapper has only begun his musical journey but possesses the potential to become a part of a defining age. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see his name in a big Spotify playlist in the near future. 

The single “Toxic Ends” was released Tuesday, May 25th 2021, along with a surprise video of the song. Listeners should also keep watch for a summer mixtape featuring the new single. Once again, if you’re in pursuit of a great summer vibe, Rarin’s new single “Toxic Ends” satisfies that desire. Be sure to follow Rarin on all social platforms to stay tuned in, discover new music and build a community.


Drewboy Gets Us Lit With “Mission Complete”

“Mission Complete” couldn’t be a better title for this bouncy glow up single from Philedelphia-native, Drewboy. With a flow that is ill-natured and reminiscent of the early 2000s trap age, Drewboy is one of the next upcoming artists listeners should tune into this summer.

“I’m a visual artist and a lot of my tracks are lit,” Drewboy says. “Performing is one of my favorite things and I’ve always been like this. I know how to get people lit. That’s one of my best attributes.”

If lit was the desired outcome, then consider it “mission complete.” The recently signed rapper is finding space within the music realm and shares success with the audience, chanting “Mission Complete”. Drewboy has had a plethora of success within the short time he’s arrived on the music scene, running into the likes of Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and many more.

The single isn’t Drewboy’s first run-in with music. Drewboy has released three singles and one album titled Personality in July 2020. This minute discography should have listeners intrigued for future releases from the artist.

It’s also not a surprise that the newcomer has teamed up with producer Tommy Brown, a Pittsburgh native who has produced tracks like “thank u,next” for Ariana Grande. The mixing of this track fits perfect within the trap genre, offering crisp and clean vocals, heavy 808’s, and an airy melody, making this an industry standard track.

“I want to make music that represents my generation.”

Drewboy is becoming a part of a growing community and is on track to outshining and leading the generation the Philly-native perceives. 

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Major Lazer Rescues Summer With New Single “Oh My Gawd”

Imagine arriving on a small tropical island filled with diverse vegetation and peoples involved in a culture as vibrant as the sun. You see the vast land encompassed by the sea, smelling the richness of peculiar food. You also hear the beating of what seems to be drums and a vibration so deep that it shakes the environment surrounding it. This island that I briefly described is Jamaica. This tiny island of about 4,000 square miles is responsible for a movement so revolutionary, that it would influence the greater population in a heap of ways. One being: Major Lazer.

Major Lazer, is an Jamaican-American group consisting of producer, Diplo, DJ Walshy Fires and Ape Drums. The trio recently released their single “Oh My Gawd” featuring Mr. Eazi, K4mo and Nicki Minaj on Sep. 10. This track shows the evolution the group have experienced since their debut album in 2009, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do…

There are many elements from different genres the group have accumulated, with Reggae and Dance being the epicenter. The track begins with dub-style drums in accent with K4mo’s charismatic tone. Then arrives a blend of dance and electronic style synths to compliment this song, in unison with Mr. Eazi and Nicki Minaj. There is a lot of Afro-Caribbean inspiration in this track, from the essence of Nicki to its loose lyrics, making this song fitting for Major Lazer and it’s audience. 

The crew has established a passion for Latin, African and Caribbean grooves working with artists such as J Balvin, Burns Boy and Camila Cabello. The passion is so great, that their is a TV show depicting the lazer-wielding Jamaican hero in action. This was a short-lived feat, but their catalog continues to expand making them a pioneer in the modern music industry. 


Diplo Switches Up The Pace With New Ambient Album

Renown American DJ, producer, and songwriter, Diplo returns in 2020 with an album experience that is sure to turn listeners’ endeavors into an epic journey. Released September 4th, 2020, MMXX (roman numeral form for 2020) is a 40-minute collection of ambient, electronic, and experimental ideas conjured by Diplo while containing features from artists such as Mikky Ekko, Lunice, and Good Times Ahead. If you are looking to refresh your listening palette, take a break from the pressures of society, or feel like you’re in a dramatic independent film, MMXX is a great album to appease those desires. 

The Grammy-award winning producer has created an extensive discography dating back to 2003, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the dance and electronic community. After 17 years, the now LA-based artist has taken a shift with his production skills shying away from stagnation and creating a mash of epic ambient sounds. It is no clue that Diplo has a knack for experimentation, working with artists such as Trippie Redd, Beyonce, Sia, Bruno Mars, and many more.

You can find MMXX on all streaming platforms

It is also clear that he does not allow himself to be limited to a specific genre and audiences can hear this even more with MMXX. There is some west coast influenced production and sampling on this album and this is apparent in track MMXX- II with its synth lead adding rhythm in this pensive song. Every track is filled with color and progression, displaying the skillset Diplo has acquired since his ascension in the EDM genre.

To get an idea of how MMXX is one of Diplo’s more impactful albums, the artist has premiered music on the app Calm, which is used for meditation and mindfulness. Students, researchers, yogis, and those alike can use this album as an instrument for studying and focus. While listening to this album I was traveling down the long stretch known as Interstate-1 up the Pacific Coast. Listening to this album made my driving experience more relaxed, especially with the rise of raging wildfires causing major traffic throughout the west coast. It is also no coincidence that I drove by Big Sur, where Diplo performed his album in partnership with the Smithsonian Airspace podcast for individuals learning about astronomy. 

Be sure to check out Diplo’s MMXX, which is available on streaming platforms and the Calm app.