Steve Grozier Delivers A Beautiful Debut Album With ‘All That’s Been Lost’

Steve Grozier has teased what was to come in his new album with the release of his singles “Memories” and “Power in the Light”. It showed how his songwriting has evolved from his previous releases, My Leave EP and A Place We Called Home EP. But, he still maintained his reputation for honest and heartfelt lyrics accompanied by a delicate vocal style oozing with emotion. 

The road to completing his new album All That’s Been Lost has been a longer process than planned. Like many other musicians, the pandemic hinders much of their plans. However, for Grozier, he was happy to have the extra time and let his songs develop naturally. Together with his bandmate and multi-instrumentalist Roscoe Wilson (Anton & The Colts), they put the final pieces together. When talking about his new collection of songs, he says, “There’s some darkness and pain in there, and I think that comes with ageing. The older you get, the better acquainted with loss you become, I think. There’s some hope in there too. The idea that it’s worth the struggle, it’s worth trying, that there’s a light on somewhere.” Now All That’s Been Lost is out for the whole world to enjoy.

On first listen of All That’s Been Lost, the first thing that stands out is its sound. There’s an old soul woven within its music where it has heart and honesty, making it so compelling. This is clear from its opening track, “Twenty-Third Street” which begins with Grozier and his guitar blending to create a mesmerising tone. Soon, he lets his story start with the lines, “Well, the hotels in Chelsea well they’re bleak and they’re dull / But I’m tired and it’s cold out and the snow is coming down.” It’s difficult for the listener not to become drawn by how each word is delivered. 

As the opening track proved, Grozier has a voice that is beautiful on the ears. It is a talent that continues throughout “Blue And Gold” and “Memories”. Of the two, it is “Memories”, which highlights this talent the most. He draws in the listener straight away with the opening lines, “Coffee in the morning, comb your hair / An empty sky and a loaded look / I know my best days may have passed / The light of my love is burning on.” Even as the song continues, the warmth and natural manner of how he shares his tale is a delight to take in.

Watch the video for “Power In The Light” below

The calibre of the songwriting has been impressive so far. However, “Power in the Light” offers something extra special. It’s a song about hope, which he describes as finding “whatever you need it to be or wherever you find the strength to go on. To keep trying!” He opens up with words that confirm how tough life can be. He does so with the lines, “I followed the blues down a long black road / I saw the beauty and I saw the loss.” But as he mentioned, it is a song about strength and never giving up. It is a message which radiates in the delivery of the line “There’s power in the light.” It is a simple line with so much power, especially in the way it is delivered. Seeing it out is a fantastic instrumental, including a sublime guitar solo.

So far, Grozier has grabbed most of the attention around his voice and the music he creates. However, his lyrical and storytelling qualities deserve respect too. He has already highlighted it with the first half of the album. But, with “Charlie’s Old Mustang/Graveyard”, this side of his craft stands out further as he paints the scene with his words. He does so with lines such as “She was born in a real small town, somewhere north of where the snow came down / And the moon well it bleeds for her she rides on the back of Charlie’s old mustang bike.” It is a trait that continues throughout “When the Darkness Comes” and “Sam, I Know You Tried.”

However, the depth of his songwriting excels further with the album’s finale, “I Miss my Friend”. It is a track dedicated to one of Grozier’s heroes Neal Casal. As always, his acoustic guitar sets the tone. Soon his story begins with “I see his eyes and they burn just like embers / Underneath that starless sky.” The delivery of his words is a little different, as it has more of a country feel with his vocals. Doing so adds more emotion to his tale about missing a friend. There is so much soul in the delivery, perfectly showcasing how heartfelt his songs can be. It is a touching tribute as the chorus reflects with the lines, “I miss my friend and I miss the way he sings / I miss my friend my friends and I miss the way he sings.” 

All That’s Been Lost is a beautiful collection of songs showing Steve Grozier at his best

It is a beautiful way to end such a sublime collection of songs. There is no doubt this is Steve Grozier at his best and deserves the praise it will receive. Press play on All That’s Been Lost and enjoy what this talented songwriter has created. 


Half Deaf Clatch Begins A ‘Metamorphosis’ With His New Album

It’s hard not to admire how much work Half Deaf Clatch (aka Andrew McLatchie) puts into his music. He ended 2020 with the final part of his spaghetti western trilogy Doomsday Desperado! Since then, he has already released three lockdown EP’s (Every Path Starts Somewhere, Retro Electric: One and Retro Electric: Two). While all that was going on, he was working on and has now released his latest album Metamorphosis

When talking about the new album, Clatch says, “During the pandemic, I kept myself busy (and sane) by writing and recording EPs and releasing them on Bandcamp. I started using electric guitar more just for a change, and this has lead to an album featuring mostly electric guitar. This isn’t a huge career-defining change of direction for me, it’s just something I wanted to do – so I did it. My next album could be all acoustic, who knows! Rather than just writing a bog-standard Electric Blues album I wanted to try and combine my love of Blues with my love of Spaghetti Western-style guitar, creating a ‘Cowboy Blues’ hybrid sound. I think it works, time will tell if anyone else agrees. This album was about pushing me out of my comfort zone, and I certainly achieved that”.

As Metamorphosis opens up with “The Transmutation”, his ‘Cowboy Blues’ sound is clear to hear. As the title implies, it is about changing from one thing into another. In this case, the lyrics hint at a change within his music, as he mentioned earlier. His guitar sounds as good as ever as it sets a mesmerising bluesy mood. As for Clatch’s vocals, it has more of a growly tone. Something heard from his Beelzebub Jones work. 

Clatch lets his guitar do the talking when “Song For A Dying land” begins. Its tone is mesmerising, the perfect way to draw in the listener. Not only that, but its overall musical arrangement adds so much to its story. It is a quality that flows into “While We Sleep”. Again, it is impressive to hear how he weaves the various instruments together. On this occasion, to create an atmospheric spaghetti western mood.

As much as the soundtrack impresses, you should take nothing away from the depth of the lyrics. He says they “are based on something I read in a Philosophy book, years ago and only half remember the details of. The gist is the idea that your consciousness is tethered to you rather than residing inside you”. There is a lot of depth to what he has to say. Personally, none stand out more than “Memories like ghosts, haunting the world, haunting the world / Going bump in the night hardly seen but always heard”.

Half Deaf Clatch offers something different with Metamorphosis, but the excellent quality of music stays the same.

“New World Hell” tells the listener how the world is going to pieces. This is perfectly reflected with its opening lines, “Well this ain’t no way of living / Surviving from day to day / Feel like my spirits breaking / How much more do I have to pay”. Clatch then moves into storyteller mode with “Three Fates”. He slows things down with the use of his guitar. In doing so, it lets the words stand out. The tale opens up with “Under the waxing moon, thread of life spun on her spindle / She spins out destiny, she’s the youngest of three sisters”. Even when the beat comes in and his guitar moves up a gear, the focus is still on the story. 

Next comes “Life On Tape”, which Clatch says “is a deceptively difficult song to play. The lead guitar line also incorporates barred root notes at the same time, which makes for quite a stretch on some parts”. It is what makes this track so compelling. Following on is “She Walks As a Ghost”, which highlights his lyrical quality. It is about a woman leaving a mental institution. However, it is written in a way that could be interpreted differently by the listener. 

Personally, Clatch saves his best for the last two songs of Metamorphosis. Not only do they offer the stand out qualities of those that come before, but there is a change-up to the sound he delivers. The penultimate track is “The Alchemical Blues”. Compared to the others, this has more of a playful nature. His guitar work is definitely stealing the spotlight as it dances around with a bit of swagger to it. 

Closing out Metamorphosis comes “In The Dead Of Night”. One written about the thoughts you have when you can’t sleep. It is a feeling lots have experienced. He summaries it well with the line, “Like a runaway train / and I can’t get it out of my brain right now”. However, it is the music that again grabs the listeners attention. Thanks to the addition of strings, not only does his arrangement talents shine yet again, but it enhances the gentle tone reflected by his guitar. It is a beautiful sound to end yet another excellent release by Half Deaf Clatch.


‘Troubling Times’ Sees The Welcome Return Of Climbing Trees

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Climbing Trees released new music. Not only that but five years since their superb album Borders. Where has the time gone? The band’s frontman Matthew Frederick explains their absence, “We decided to take a year off in 2018 to spend a little time on our various solo and side projects. Before we knew it, two years had passed, then three, and a whole lot has happened in the world in that time. We didn’t want to come back until we had something to say, and, more importantly, a good song to say it with, and Troubling Times certainly feels timely in that sense. We’ve really enjoyed making music as Climbing Trees again, and we can’t wait to get back out on stage in front of the Trees fans, whenever that may be”. 

Now the guys are back with their new single, “Troubling Times.” For this one, it was the collective effort of Matthew Frederick (Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals), Colenso Jones (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Jack Beddis (Drums). You can hear this combination at work as soon as you press play. Together they create a soft alt-rock vibe that flows effortlessly during its intro.

Soon, Frederick starts their tale with, “In the troubling times / There’s no space for the man in the middle / From the withering highs / It’s hard to see the ones below.” As always, Climbing Trees talents shine with their lyrics. They offer both depth and imagery with their words. With this song, they paint various scenes with a range of emotion. Of them all, the lines which stand out the most are “When the end is in sight / Moving through the darkest tunnels / Now you put up a fight / You will see how far you go.”

As much as the lyrics stand out, its soundtrack is equally as impressive. Its atmospheric vibe adds extra depth to the story, even more as the song reaches the second verse. The use of strings increases its captivating nature. It seem to amplify everything which makes “Troubling Times” a delight to hear. A wonderful arrangement created by Frederick’s but delivered by the talented David Grubb Quartet. 

As the song comes to a close, the music and its arrangement impress even more. There is something special about the strings and how they interweave with the repeated line “In the troubling times”. The tone of the delivery with the combination of these instruments creates something beautiful. It is the perfect way to close a great track. 

Climbing Trees remind us of their stunning musical talents with ‘Troubling Times’

“Troubling Times” is a stunning reminder of the musical talents of Climbing Trees. Thankfully, they are planning to get back out on the road (when they are permitted). Also, they are working towards a new album. The latter is a challenge as the members are busy working on solo/side projects. Hopefully, the planets align soon. But, no matter the wait, as the latest single shows, it will be worth it.


Pinkshift Unleash Their ‘Saccharine’ EP Onto The World

Pinkshift surprised everyone when they released their new single “Mars”. Not only did they set loose their latest track, but Ashrita Kumar (vocals), Paul Vallejo (guitar), Myron Houngbedji (drums) and Erich Weinroth (bass) unleashed their Saccharine EP onto the world. Most made up by their previous releases, which received great reviews. 

Saccharine gets the punk rock party started with the new single “Mars”. It kicks in softer than expected, but they turn the volume up and let the fun times roll. Kumar lets her voice rip with the opening lines, “To whom should I pay my respects / For broken dreams nonetheless / You’ll light a cigarette or two / To watch my lungs turn black and blue”. It is a great song to show what Pinkshift has to offer as a group.  They have said, “this was the song that really pulled us together to start this band. It’s full of optimism and hope for a brighter future”. 

As much as the opening track was about how the band sounds, “On Thin Ice” let the vocals take centre stage. Kumar’s voice has an attitude and delivers each word with purpose. It’s clear to hear from the opening lines, “She watches closely / For every move you make / And every breath you take / And every bone you break”. It lets the listener pay more attention to the lyrics and the story they are telling. Lyrically it showcases a depth with their words and how they continuously paint the scene for each verse. Confirming Pinkshift is more than just noise.

Next up is their anthem track, “I’m gonna tell my therapist on you”. As soon as it begins, Houngbedji grabs the listeners attention with his furious drumming. Not long after, the song explodes into life with the lines, “Walk a mile in my shoes / And if you don’t come back”. The energy this song gives off is infectious, fun and makes you want to jump around. What more do you need? The band feel as if they have been set loose and want to create as much musical carnage as possible. 

As for Kumar, her voice equally matches the relentless barrage of energy the band is giving off. Most of all, during the hook, “Hello, can I help you? / I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before / And if you think that I should listen to you / I’m about to kick your ass through the door”. Her delivery helps give the song its anthemic feel and will make the listener sing out loud. It’s a track that will blow the roof off when performed live. 

Press play on Saccharine, turn it up and let Pinkshift bring the party to you!

“Toro” offers something a little different and lasts only 90 seconds. Heavily soaked in a punk rock mood, the band let loose as soon it begins. However, the midway point is where we see a change. It slows down for them to deliver a soft psychedelic rock vibe. As much Vallejo guitar work has been outstanding throughout Saccharine, he is in exceptional form during this moment.  It offers a different side from Pinkshift, but one which still fits them. 

“Toro” effortlessly flows into the final track, “Rainwalk”. It is a song about constantly having to guess what someone else is thinking. After its slow build-up, it bursts into life to offer another pop-punk sing-along moment. Like those before, it shows off the band’s chemistry. They are so in sync as they bounce off each other to create an energy and sound that is difficult to resist. As this release comes to a close, it leaves you wanting more. This is a result of the quality of music produced by Pinkshift. Give Saccharine a listen today, you will not regret it. 


BC Is Not Afraid To Tell Us ‘How I Feel’

It was not so long ago when Brian BC Clarke released his debut track “Heart’s Desire”. With it, he delivered a sound ranging from Rock n Roll to Pop to Blues. His guitar skills took centre stage as they brought a ferocious energy that was hard to resist. Now BC is ready to release his follow, “How I Feel.”

BC has promised that “How I Feel” will deliver a “3-minute rock n roll rollercoaster ride that leaves you energised and wanting more”. When talking about the new song, he says, “I had the music written years ago. I remember just wanting to write a simple, riff-based, straight forward rock song. However, it was put to sleep. I never went back to it for whatever reason. Then at Christmas, it came back into my head. I had just written this poem around the same time. So I put them together. Why not? I love how it’s turned out. It’s got a lot of power and rawness to it. Also, it’s heavy, and it rocks along nicely. It’s got some of the blues and some punk vibes in there too. Musically, a lot of my influences are in there. You can head-bang to it, and you can dance to it. I’m happy with it. The lyrics are practically an internal conversation I’ve had with myself. So many times, over a girl, so in that sense they’re quite similar in theme to Heart’s Desire”.

‘How I Feel’ is yet another infectious track by BC, showing he is someone to keep an eye on

BC lets his guitar do the talking yet again as the song begins. It delivers a punchy and foot-stomping mood. Soon, his vocals join in with the opening lines, “Every now and then / You look right through me / Questions to ask / The answers I have / And if you ask me / I’d tell you / I’d tell you exactly how I feel.” His voice shares his words with the same energy which his music is giving off. So it is clear to hear, he is not messing about with this track.

As “How I Feel” continues, the listener may notice that BC has structured his song a little differently. It is arranged with no chorus or hook but instead focuses his words within the three verses. As for his lyrics, they are straight to the point and talk about how they feel about that special someone. It is perfectly highlighted with the lines, “My ears dance to / The sound of your voice / The attraction leaves me no choice.”

Listen to “How I Feel” below

Here is a song that is all about its sound rather than its lyrics. The energy he creates and delivers, especially with his guitar, is infectious. He describes it as rock n roll, but the way it makes you jump around has more punk rock elements. The drums are relentlessly ferocious. His guitar sings as well as he does, even more during his solo towards the end. Talking about its conclusion, BC was correct in saying it leaves you wanting more.  

If his music is ticking all the right boxes for you, more is on its way. There are even rumours about a possible EP planning to be released. The momentum is with BC, and he has no plans in stopping anytime soon.


Justin Ross Is Coming ‘Right Back Up’

Justin Ross has delivered many great songs which highlight his songwriting talents. Of them all, “Three Steps Behind”, “Faithful to the Bottle”, and “Echoes of the Angels” stand out the most. However, over the last few years, he has evolved his country-rock sound by adding some soul, blues and much more into his work. 

As a result, he is now creating his best work ever. Especially with songs such as “Dance with Me” and “Break My Heart”, showing how far he has come with his music. Maybe this change has been due to touring with acts such as Aaron Lewis, EVERLAST, Bob Schneider, FUEL, and many more. Or perhaps he is more confident with his craft. Whatever the reason, his latest releases are on a whole new level. Of them all, “Into The Dark” stands out the most. Not only does it showcase his vocal talents, buts its soundtrack is stunning. 

Now to the present day, Ross is back with a truckload of new songs. First to arrive is the infectious “Right Back Up”, a personal favourite of his. He describes its story as being about “the girl being the player verse’s the guy. She picks up on guys at the bar, gets them alone, has her way. Takes what she wants and then, makes off with their car on to the next guy. When the guy she had taken before runs back into her, he can’t resist and goes after her again, knowing the trouble she brings”.

As soon as “Right Back Up” begins, his big growly vocals show that Ross means business. He starts things off with the lines “Tell Me Baby / Oh, What Do You Want”. He then slows the pace down a little as his tone delivers more of a soulful/bluesy feel but still maintains an edge to it. This combination has a touch of influence by his heroes Stevie Ray Vaughan and early ZZ Top. 

The song bursts into life as the chorus arrives. The use of the drums and saxophone helps give his lyrics more of an impact. It enhances the urge to sing along to “Well Take Me Down, Down, Down, Down Baby Till I Hit The Ground / Take Me Down, Down, Down, Down Baby Till I Hit The Ground / And Then You Gonna Pick Me Right Back Up Baby / Right Back Up”. As the chorus appears later in the story, it has more of a swagger within his words.

There is no denying the sound he wants to deliver. For some, his music steals the show. However, his vocals and his range are equally as impressive. Not only does his tone offer a great mix of soul, blues and rock, but how he switches the tempo stands out as well. Personally, this talent is at its best with the lines “Well Take Me Down There Low To The Riverside / Holding Onto The Dark / I’ve Been Holding On Too Tight And Now I’m / Watching Your Red Tail Lights / Oh Disappear Over The Hill Baby”. The bluesy quality he gives off is simply captivating. 

‘Right Back Up’ is a glimpse of what Justin Ross has to offer with his upcoming album. It’s gonna sound so good!

“Right Back Up” is one of those tracks that grabs the listeners attention. Along with its infectious hooks, it is not so easily forgotten. The good news is, there is a lot more to come including a new album. Due to the calibre of this release, his upcoming collection of songs is one not to be missed.


Goodnite Robicheaux Release Their Mixtape ‘Slaps For The Broken’

The duo of Goodnite Robicheaux is back with their latest mixtape, Slaps for the Broken. Justin MacDonald (multi-instrumentalist) and Jamison Mode (vocalist) have been busy working on new material to follow up their outstanding album The Green Line. They offered a glimpse of what was to come with their single “Trexy”, delivering a smooth R&B jam in which Mode’s vocals flowed so effortlessly. MacDonald also lets his guitar skills shine, especially with a killer solo. Now the guys have unleashed their three-track mixtape Slaps for the Broken. It is a collection of songs that highlights how their songwriting and production skills have grown.

Goodnite Robicheaux starts off the mixtape with “Mickey”. After a short audio clip, they set the mood with the gentle use of the keys. Mode then joins in with the lines, “Tonight, I saw a change / The look in your eyes.” As the lyrics continue, sci-fi fans will notice it is a song about Mickey from Doctor Who. A tale perfectly summarized by the line “The Doctor came, blew up my spot and took my girl”.

Even though it is a song influenced by pop culture, it is a story about losing someone special to somebody else. The front end expresses the pain of Mickey losing Rose, with Modes vocals in fine form. But the mood changes after an epic guitar solo from MacDonald. When the line “She believed in all his lines and now they runnin” is delivered, it adds a fighting tone to the song, which elevates the story before it comes to a close. As always, it highlights the depth of their songwriting talents.

You can listen to Slaps for the Broken below

Next up is a “B.I.T.S (Be In The Scene).” As the title implies, it is about someone wanting to be in the scene. It slowly builds up, setting the stage described with the lines “We got this young man / Ain’t bein raised right / Son like father got dreams of the limelight.” As much as the song may not have the depth in words as the opening track, this one is about the delivery. They mix up the lyrical flow to add more to its sound instead of their words. 

Bringing the mixtape to a close is “Weapon X”. Here is another song soaked with pop culture references to Marvels X-Men. From the opening lines, it is clear to hear with “Well it’s the Night of the Sentinels now run and hide (run and hide) / We’re Professor X, Jean Grey gonna blow your mind (blow your mind).” On the surface, it plays out like a comic book. However, there is another underlining message to be found. Personally, the X-Men references are a distraction, but it is no criticism. This one could be used as a doorway for new listeners to come into their music.

Goodnite Robicheaux show the next stage in their musical evolution with their mixtape Slaps for the Broken

Slaps for the Broken offers another side to what Mode and MacDonald have to offer with their music. As previously shown, their songwriting talents shine yet again. What has changed in their sound and its arrangement. With this release, it seemed more focused. It is a change that still works for them as it let the listener appreciate the vocals and lyrics more. Personally, it feels as if this mixtape is leading up to something bigger. What that is, time will tell. As Goodnite Robicheaux love what they do, they won’t keep us waiting long for new music.


Atoms To Ashes Share A Message Of Support With ‘Back To You’

Atoms to Ashes Chris Starr (vocals, guitar), Shawn Oliver (bass) and Pierre-Luc Langelier (drums) return with their latest single, “Back To You.” Frontman Starr is proud of the work they do, especially as an independent band. He says, “As an independent/unsigned band in 2021, building everything from the ground up is a huge and sometimes overwhelming task. It can often be incredibly stressful, but it’s also rewarding when you see it all take shape”.

One of the most rewarding elements for the band are their fans (which they name Ashers). They understand how important they are for what they do. “Back To You” is a song with a message to help their fans and other listeners. They say, “we want to empower people to step away not only from toxic relationships. But also from anything that’s not right for them. No matter what people may think or say, only YOU know what’s best for you. You are the main character of this story we call LIFE, and only YOU can decide the type of life you want to create for yourself”.

As soon as you press play, the listener will notice it is a different song from their previous track, “Break the Silence”. They have taken their foot off the throttle and offered something with more emotion. Doing so gives their message more impact and purpose. It can be heard from the opening lines, “There’s nothing here / And that’s all I take away / In truth I fear there’s nothing more for me”. 

The band take a step back during the song to let Starr’s vocals share their message. They are subtly effective in providing a backdrop to add more emotion to support their words. It is a combination that stands out when Starr delivers the words, “No matter where this came from / No matter what you do or say it’s gone / No matter what I’ll stay strong / There’s nothing I can say wrong / I can’t wait / I can’t wait”. 

Lyrically, this rock band have always impressed, especially in how they create catchy hooks.  “Back To You” is no exception as the guys deliver another chorus to make the listener singalong. Starr powers out his voice with the lines, “What was I supposed to do”.  The trio matches the tone with their chosen instruments. You can feel how they want their words to empower the listener. It is reflected in the delivery of their words, “What was I supposed to do / Wait around for you / No I can’t go on / Thinking you’ll pull through”. It is the final piece of what makes this song an outstanding track from Atoms to Ashes.

Atoms to Ashes show off their songwriting talents as they go deep with their new single ‘Back To You’

“Back To You” is an outstanding track from Atoms to Ashes. It is another example of what to expect from their upcoming EP Blackburn. The guys are excited to get their new collections of songs out into the world. So much so, they promise their online album launch show in September will be a rock party not to be missed. 

The guys are also busy working on a few collaboration projects, including one with rapper/hip hop artist Sick Steen. If that is not enough, they plan a 10-year celebration for their debut single “Heartless”. Atoms to Ashes is hitting 2021 like a runaway train to ensure it is their best year yet!