Modern Pop Yndi Shares ‘Noir Brésil’

Franco-Brazilian composer, performer, and producer Yndi recently released her debut album Noir Brésil via Nascimento/Grand Musique Management. Noir Brésil is described as a “modern pop album where Afro-Brazilian percussion meets French and Portuguese poetry to create an immersive soundscape.”

Her opening track “Ailleurs” has a beaudity and soulful sound that fills the listeners ears from all directions. Its incredibly moving and very hard to forget. The instrumentation is simple, yet still conveys a strong emotion to the listener. Her title track “Noir Brésil” has a bit more of a bite to it, which creates even more intensity in the album, and also helps flow one song into another very well. 

Check out her official music video for “Noir Brésil” here!

Both “Amazona” and “O Canto Das Ondas” create beautifully dissonant hormones that really bend the listeners ear in the best way possible. Her next track “Novo Mundo” has a very nostalgic feeling to the song, which put it at the top of my list for favorite tracks. This song has a bit of a modern twist to it, while still staying pretty close to her musical palette, while introducing some interesting chordal changes that bring it from a passive listen to an active one. 

Here’s the music video for “Novo Mundo”

Taking the cake for the darkest track on the album is “Nuit,” and it keeps the listeners on their toes waiting for more. “‘Nuit’ is the darkest track on my album,” Yndi explains, “The music video is not only a love letter to video-games that deeply affected me throughout my life, but also a research on how these games’ aesthetics reveal our basic emotions like fear, curiosity or empathy.”

“Exil” provides a more somber perspective to the album that really herpes round out the diversity of the album as a whole. The chant-like style and the repetitiveness of the song makes it somewhat of a mantra for the album. Something that becomes increasingly obvious is that even when language is a barrier, emotions aren’t, and the emotion that’s conveyed through music will always surpass any language barrier that there may be. 

Yndi’s next track “Dia De Carnaval” brings a softer and more intimate environment to life that really strips the album down to its core meaning, which also prepares for the massive ending that is to come. Her closing track “Eden” gives us one final and powerful vocal performance that really sticks the landing for a phenomenal finish. I love that she decides to keep things pretty stripped down for the ending because it allows for her vocal and lyrical story to shine above all else. 

Noir Brésil is a beautiful collection of songs and stories that Yndi tells so beautifully. It’s culturally stimulating, and does a great job reaching the listeners right off the bat, and I’m super excited for what’s to come next from her!

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Hook Has The “Best Days” With New Single

New wave and indie rock band Hook shares their new music video for their single “Best Days” out now! Filmed and edited by the band themselves, “‘Best Days’ includes slow shots of Dublin through a disorientating filter,” and shows the view from the “eyes of someone wandering the city at night; confused, lost, lonely.” The band shares that they wanted to “compliment the songs messages” that talks about getting through tough times and complex emotions. 

Originally formed in 2019 and based out of the Dublin area, Hook spent a serious amount of time in writing, rehearsing, and recording the songs for their upcoming projects. Bringing this band to life are Eoin O’Donnell on vocals and guitar, Morgan O’Brien on drums, and Danny Spelman on vocals and bass. They alo self-recorded and self-produced their work, and had the mastering completed by Ciaran Byrne.

Just like in the recording, their music video carries that DIY and homey feeling to it. They keep the story consistent, and the visual effects of the video help to keep me engaged in the song. Check out the music video for their song “Best Days” here! 

Watch the official video for “Best Days” here:

Hook shares that they wanted to “capture a sense of nervousness and foreboding. The song features harmonics and distorted sounds” which help show the listeners what’s going on in their minds, even when these are confusing, unclear, and cloudy. While I appreciate the direction they’re headed in, lyrically, there’s a lot left to unpack. The band barely scratches the surface of the song’s possible potential. The listener is left to wander in their own emotions to better grasp the meaning behind it all. 

If this New-wave indie rock band suites your fancy, be sure to check out more from Hook!

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Bev is a ‘Crusher’ With New Album

Pop rock singer/songwriter and musician Bev shares their new album Crusher out on all platforms. Crusher came out on May 21st, and has a whirlwind of different influences and different pounds that create quite a diverse listen. The self-proclaimed feminist, musician, science lover and animal enthusiast has created a collection of songs that help to tell different sides of her musical journey.

The opening track “Crocodile Tears” has some interesting jazz and hard rock influences to bring the song to life. I love the ambiance he creates in both the sadness of the horn section and the delicacy of her vocal performance. Lyrically speaking, the song has a darker story to tell, but the overall balance of heavy and light are done really well. “January” has a bit more pep than the opening track, but still great nonetheless. 

Check out the music video for “January” right here!

The next track “Madrid” has a more sensual beautifulness to it that really sticks out in my head when thinking about this album. There’s a veil of mystery that covers the song, which adds a pretty special element to the song, and the album as a whole. 

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is an intricately crafted somber ballad with immense energy to really drive the song to the top of the list.  Another powerful song is “You’re Gonna Destroy Me.” The ending, more specifically, sticks out in my head because of the feeling of freeness and movement she creates in this loosely-structured track ending. I think the powerfulness that the title carries speaks more to Bev as an artist and I feel as though we get an even closer glimpse into her inner thoughts and feelings, which is always the best thing when getting to hear new songwriters. 

Her next songs “Chasing Ghosts” and “Bad Bad Habit” are a few other favorites of the album for me. “Chasing Ghosts” is a stunningly crafted piece with an enticing strumming pattern and diverse musical underlays, while the latter showcases her attention to detail in the movement of the song both lyrically and melodically, along with having such a strong and clear message behind it. “Bad Bad Habit” is also another favorite track for me, because we get to hear a little more diversity in her vocal performance, which was really exciting to hear. 

Photo Credit: Darin Kamnetz

The closing track “Ooh Boy” is another track with some very interesting melodic developments that really help the song stick out. I think the different layers of vocal harmonies also helped the song grow in dynamics and intensity, and I think this track as the closing one for Crusher couldn’t have been a better choice!

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive visual side of Crusher be sure to check out the album teaser right here!

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The Jungle Giants “Treat You Right” For Upcoming Album

Four-piece Australian band The Jungle Giants have unveiled their new single and music video for “Treat You Right” out on all platforms! The group consist of frontman Sam Hales, lead guitarist Cesira Aitken, bassist Andrew Dooris, and drummer Keelan Bijker. 

I first saw the Jungle Giants at Philadelphia’s Johnny Brendas in February of 2020 right before the start of the pandemic, and man, do I wish I could go back to it again. Their infectious energy as a live band is still brought to life in this track, which I really appreciate. I only knew about the band after pulling this assignment for a show review, and I’m so glad that I did! 

“This is one of the first tracks I wrote for the upcoming record and also the first duet we’ve ever released,” Sam Hales shares. Hales is also the mastermind for the writing and producing of this track, which is just one of a few singles out from their anticipated upcoming album for later on this year.

“It’s Janet Planet from Confidence Man singing on the track and she’s brought the sass,” Hales shares about this fun and energetic new track. 

Helping bring this project to life is long-time collaborator and filmmaker Julian Lucas. “Following a worldwide search for Sam Hales’ doppelgänger, the music video takes the concept of personal growth to a whole new level, exploring a story of self-love and acceptance.” 

Check out the stunningly executed music video for “Treat You Right” here!

“Treat You Right” is off of their upcoming album for later on this year, so be sure to stay up to date for more details!

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“Treat You Right” Single Art

Defective Monk Blends Genres With “Ruled x6”

Sharing his newest single “Ruled x6” is self-proclaimed “Anger-techno” artist Defective Monk. While Defective Monk describes himself as an “artist with broad creative scope, and a passion for energetic melodies and astonishing production aesthetics,” he also considers himself a singer, songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer as well. 

The start of “Ruled x6” starts off with an interesting production trick where the vocals are reversed or backwards even, adding a different kind of energy to the song. There’s a very dark and even more ominous feeling that the song projects to the listener, leaving a feeling of uneasiness as to what direction this sound is going to take, in an ambiguous sort of way. 

While I appreciate the work of Defective Monk for producing something way outside the box, the constant tempo changes were sometimes distracting. The track is jarring as it grabs attention. With that said, it was difficult to follow the direction of the song, as the song structure is truly unique in the recording as well. Things like tempo, or form, or repeating lines, are things that listeners hold onto because they give us a sense of familiarity and security. This song flips that on its head.

His strong ties to hardcore and death metal mixed with some techno is definitely apparent in some of the instrumentation and vocal style. I couldn’t tell you what the song was about, nor could I tell you what his intentions for this song were, but again, music can be one’s way of interpreting how THEY see music, not necessarily how others see it. 

Overall, Defective Monks creations all possess his “aggressive stylings” which he says gives the listener a “taste of the blends: metal, rock, industrial, electronica, techno, and sprinkling in hints of dub, and even more on occasion.” While the music isn’t something I typically go for, I can appreciate the energy and dedication that he has for his music, which is greater than what most have!

Give a listen to Defective Monk on Bandcamp or Spotify!

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Transviolet Shares Fire Music Video “Drugs In California”

Alternative and pop-rock band Transviolet shares their new music video for their killer song “Drugs In California.” Starting in 2015, lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart, producer and bassist Michael Panek, guitarist and key player Judah McCarthy, and drummer Jon Garcia come together to redefine alternative pop music as we know it with deep and thought-provoking concepts and catchy melodies to match. 

Their new music video for “Drugs In California” shows a “dystopian world where the feeling of fame has been synthesized, and you can take a diamond pill to feel adored,” even when this “glamorous drug” comes at such a high cost. Helping Transviolet bring their vision to life is director Kyle Vorbach and Cinematographer Skyler Bocciolatt who completely blew my expectations out of the water! This track is inventive and cutting-edge, which can be so hard to do when it feels like everything has already been done. Everything from the concept of the track to how they were about to bring it to life visually, speaks VOLUMES to the amount of raw talent that is Transviolet!

“Drugs in California” is a song about a “toxic relationship, and specifically, it’s about a toxic relationship between fame and adoration,” McTaggart shares. “It’s weird because I wouldn’t think of myself as famous, but the truth is, to some people, I am famous. I won’t lie to you, it feels amazing to have people connect with my work so deeply… However, that feeling can be really addictive, even destructive. it’s made me question myself- who I am, my intentions, my integrity; at times it’s made me feel isolated and disconnected from people. it’s fucked with my head more than anything else I’ve ever experienced.”

Watch the video for “Drugs In California” below

The phenomenally talented vocalist Sarah McTaggart has this to say about how much this pandemic has affected her career-wise, but also mentally and emotionally, which really speaks to the heart and undeniable hardwork that went into this video. 

“The high of performing has been something I’ve been craving desperately during this pandemic. It’s weird to put out music and not know if you’ll ever get to play it live. Being on stage is a place where I feel completely liberated, completely myself. Feeling heard, loved and connected is what inspired me to start making music in the first place. I think it can be really beautiful to receive that from others, but I’m also grateful I’ve had this time away, where I had to face some demons, and learn how to give those things to myself.”

If her words and mines haven’t already said enough, PLEASE check out this incredible song, and even more incredibly executed music video for their hit “Drugs In California” out now on all platforms!

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Irish Alternative Band Ugly Beautiful Share “Sunrise”

Irish Alternative rock trio Ugly Beautiful are stoked to share their newest single and music video “Sunrise.” Ugly Beautiful continues to blend their alternative rock sound with bits of indie and grunge influence, making their sound very much their own. Bringing this fantastic sound to life is lead vocalist and guitarist Kieran Lane, bassist Galagher, and drummer Falender. 

“The song tells the story of two people trying to help each other through this relentless, confusing, every distracting world that we live in,” lead singer and guitarist Kieran Lane tells listeners. “It’s a conversation – one person caught in their own thoughts, the other trying to help them get out of it. The chorus is a reminder to live in the moment – to acknowledge what’s happening right now in the present.” 

“Sunrise” starts off with a clear direction into what becomes an incredible listening experience. I loved the energy right from the beginning. They managed to create some thought-provoking lyrics that work well with their hand-crafted melodies. Only to be enhanced by their musicianship through their harmonies and beautifully executed song structure. I especially love their ability to increase the tension and build-up to this huge ending to the song, which just fits perfectly for both the music and the animation. 

Watch the video for “Sunrise” below

Helping to bring their music video to life is animator and artist Aaron Wiley. “We were delighted to get visual artist and animator Aaron Wiley on board to bring a visual element to the music because often the merger of sound and visual mediums can create something much bigger if you strike the right chord. Aaron has done an amazing job, taking things to a new level altogether. His story brings a new perspective to the song which is exactly what we were looking for. It’s a feast for the senses,” they share. 

“The video features a man working in a factory, going through the grim motions of life,” they share. “A light shines through the mundane, showing him a different way to see the world, and how to overcome the rut in which he finds himself. The dreamy psychedelic sequences are the sunrise within the music video. “

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed their ability to mirror the same intensity that they created musically to the visual aspect of the song, and I don’t think the video could have told a clearer story, so hats off to the entire team!

Ugly Beautiful Band Photo

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UK Post-Punk Band Tricky Susan Shares “Grab” Single

Sharing their first single of 2021 is indie-rock London-based band Tricky Susan with their song “Grab.” Described as a “post-punk melodic track that combines the band’s signature style with relatable and conscious lyrics,” this new single seems to capture the very essence of the band to a T!

The band includes lead singer Camilla, guitar player Don, bass player John, and drummer Val. All four of these musicians come together with their personal styles and experience to bring their uniformed sound to life. The instrumentalists bring their signature angst and grit to the track, while Camilla delivers vocals full of character and attitude. 

Catch the official track here!

“Grab is focused around the feeling of continuously giving and waiting for our love to be seen and appreciated,” Tricky Susan shares. “Those moments when you’re so desperately in love that you are willing to wait, and keep on waiting, for whatever minuscule, lackluster token of love, that might eventually come your way.”

This grunge and punk-rock track also has an official music video coming to fans soon, so be on the lookout for it! “Grab” catches the dirty and heavy essence surrounding their genre, which I really appreciate. Camille has some pretty interesting vocals, and while it’s not a style I gravitate towards, I can appreciate the energy that she feels when she’s performing. I do feel at times the form blends just a bit too much because the sections arent quite as defined as they could be, but overall, this loosely structured track makes for a free, yet unique listening experience. 

“Grab” Single Art

We cannot wait to get back on the UK gig scene when it opens up again this summer. We are genuinely so excited to be stomping the floorboards of music venues once more.” Tricky Susan tells fans. “After this single we plan to keep on writing new music, releasing it, playing bigger venues, and stumbling across more fun-loving Tricky Susan fans of course!” So if their sound suits your fancy, keep up to date on everything Tricky Susan right here!

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