AVIV Doesn’t Wanna Be a “Lonely B*tch”

A very relatable feeling during this ongoing pandemic is loneliness. With social lives being forced to be put on a hold, many have been left alone within the four walls of their rooms. Teenage bedroom pop star AVIV took her isolation and her Les Paul, and tapped into this lonely feeling to create her newest single “Lonely B*tch.” 

At just 14 years old and full of dreamy talent, she has caught the eye of many labels, and is one of the hottest new artists to emerge from the Toronto music scene. If you’re a tv or movie fan you may recognize her from her roles in American Gothic, Milk Kids, L.M, Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. 

While she has taken inspiration from many genres and musical influences, two big influences to mention are rock band Nirvana and indie/alt artist Clairo. In “Lonely B*tch” you can really hear the influence from Clairo.

Her newest single “Lonely B*tch” is about her inner battle with the restlessness and loneliness that she was feeling in the beginning of the pandemic, and wanting for her emotions to go back to the way they were. This is something that I’m sure many of us can relate to. It’s been hard to put our social lives on hold during this difficult time, and it has definitely caused many feelings. The lyrics in this song are almost like a look into AVIV’s personal diary.

Check Out “Lonely B*tch” Video Below:

AVIV About “Lonely B*tch” :

“Being home, alone, I developed this sense of anger and blame which resulted in endless nights crying in my room. The song Lonely Bitch was inspired by a toxic relationship I developed with myself, at the height of the pandemic. This energy began to consume me and showed me I did not want to stay in these ways. “Lonely Bitch” is a term which represents the girl I was in those times.”

What I really love about this music video are the visuals. It is like stepping into a time machine and ending up back in the 90s. The vintage camera quality, popular 90’s graphics, and a tea party for one are a perfect companion to the daydream bedroom pop sound of the song. After watching the video, I now want to go back to the 90s and eat cake alone at a tea party too!

With the talent that AVIV has and the amount of involvement she has in every aspect of her career from songwriting to playing the guitar to co-producing, she is definitely a rising artist to keep an eye on! 

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