The Bae Beach Club Helps Us Find ‘Our Escape’ in New EP

The freshness and new warmth of spring is a welcome change after a cold winter, but it often creates a feeling of restlessness as summer awaits. The warm weather of spring foreshadows those lazy beach days and refreshing cold drinks amongst the heat – so close, yet so far away. In their new EP Our Escape, The Bae Beach Club captures that longing feeling perfectly.


The Bae Beach Club is an indie rock trio from Ontario, where they’ve crafted an EP of smooth songs that explore themes of daydreams, the summer sun, and love.


Our Escape EP even includes the band’s feel-good theme song. The surf rock style of the 60s caught a new wave in the indie scene, and The Bae Beach Club combines the vibes of both old and new sides of the genre. It’s a testament to summer, and it tells you what the band is all about: carefree daydreams of endless beach days.

The Bae Beach Club Goes From Summer Fun to Summer Love in Our Escape


The Bae Beach Club explores their dreamy side in “A Place of Our Own,” a song about finding a real and vulnerable love.


“A Place of Our Own is about finding a truly authentic love,” the band explained. “It’s about forgetting social media and the very superficial ideas we have about what love should look like and how much money we should spend to make it appear genuine. Its about wanting to be with a person regardless of any condition. ‘A Place of Our Own’ isn’t necessarily referring to a physical location, but rather a mental state of complete content.”


The song is beautiful in its simplicity, with a slow and steady groove. The focus is in singer Kiki Klassen’s smooth voice, which sails over lush melodies. It almost sends you into a trance, creating a dreamlike state of your own.

One of the album highlights is its lead single, “All Day.” Its vibe settles somewhere in between the previously explored daydreams and sunny beach days, finding itself rooted in a catchy melody.


The song is truly warm and blissful. It’s the kind of song you listen to while driving with the windows down, not a care in the world. The Bae Beach Club incorporates a surf rock influence tastefully, not letting it overwhelm or become a caricature of itself.


Though beach vibes are clearly what the band is all about, they have a grasp on catchy melodies and a warm sound that transcend the cliches of those sandy, summer days.

With Our Escape EP, The Bae Beach Club presents the perfect songs to get you in the mood for summer. Though sunny days will soon prove scorchingly hot, these songs are a prime refresher.


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