Becky Kapell Says “I Don’t Know”

Minnesota singer/songwriter Becky Kapell is proof that there’s no age limit on pursuing your passion. At the age of 42 she picked up her sons guitar and taught herself to play. Before she knew it lyrics had matched themselves to the music she was making and she was ready to record an album. The result was For Now and it gained the attention of fans and professionals alike. That album kickstarted Becky’s career in music and helped make her into the folky songstress she is today. “I Don’t Know” is the latest single from Becky Kapell, released November 6th.

“I Don’t Know” is everything that is beautiful about Americana music. Delicate and twangy guitar work shines bright through the other instrumentals but works harmoniously with them as well. Becky’s vocals dance alongside the instrumentals, adding the perfect amount of soul and body to this track.

There’s clear emotion that radiates through Becky’s crooning vocals. “I Don’t Know” is all about realizing that you’re more out of touch with someone than you ever knew before. It’s that gut-punch of a feeling when you look at someone and realize you truly don’t know what is going on in their life anymore. Becky translates that message perfectly throughout this track but manages not to leave you feeling sorrowful.

While this track doesn’t reach incredible dynamics, it does leave a positive impression. “I Don’t Know” is off of Becky’s upcoming album In It To Win It. We don’t have a release date on that album yet, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what is to come from Becky Kapell.

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