“Benjamin Went Fishing” Single/Video From Frogbelly And Symphony

A gorgeous but delicate lead vocal penetrates the silence with a vibrant verse as “Benjamin Went Fishing,” the new single and music video from Frogbelly and Symphony, begins to play, but as we’ll soon discover over the next few minutes that the track lasts, linguistic decadence is but one of the many enticing layers that this band is serving up this spring.

View the video for “Benjamin Went Fishing” HERE!

The singer is quickly joined by a kaleidoscopic strumming of acoustic strings and the faint presence of a lead guitar guiding us through the sonic forestry, and though her verses are spellbinding to say the least, there’s never any doubts as to whether or not this is a collective effort on the part of Frogbelly and Symphony, who are sounding as in-sync and connected with one another artistically as ever.

The rhythm of the song ebbs back and forth with a gentle precision that is perhaps even more haunting than the harmony circling it is, but while “Benjamin Went Fishing” seems to get more and more elaborate in size, shape and stylization as we sink deeper into the track, it scarcely produces a moment that one could deem inaccessible to either the casual listener or the devoted fan. At the conclusion of their latest release, Frogbelly and Symphony sound like a band that has found their ultimate artistic niche, and though I feel rather certain that this won’t be the last hit they add to their discography, there’s something really special about this song and what it says about its creators. They’re ready for this new decade, and anyone who would just as soon dispute that should be effectively silenced by this cut.

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