Bialuma Opens Up New Sounds For Your Ears

There are those out there that say every good melody and sound combination has already been recorded and there is nothing new left to write.  These are narrow-minded individuals that have been brainwashed by the mainstream radio that we are being force-fed every day.  Luckily today more options have opened up to find all sorts of music for those that go out looking for it.  If you dive deep you will find the music of Bialuma.

The musical project is the brainchild of Ryan Hubbard.  In the real world, Ryan is a 32-year-old philosophy instructor currently living in Syracuse, New York.  A muse of sound has been working its way through his brain for many years.  As a teenager, Ryan Hubbard was deep into the Metal and Post-Rock scenes with its fast guitars and pounding drums.  He later spent some time in Frankfurt, Germany where started experimenting with electronic music.  This is when the Bialuma name came to fruition.  Now he is back home and creating his own sound that is an amalgamation of all of his experiences.  Truly original and unlike anything on the radio.



The newest song by Bialuma takes it to a new level.  It is titled “Water, Glisten, Flame”.  From the first atmospheric noises to hit your ears your mind is being transported to a new world.  Prepare for the journey.  Beats pop in sporadically to keep you guessing along with industrial sounds that add a dark layer to the track.  The instrumental song takes twists and turns that through you for a loop trying to figure out where the start and end actually are.  The four minute and 12 second adventure will leave you with a new sense of what is possible in music.

You can hear more and download for yourself at

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