Bittersweet Machines Will Never ‘Break Your Love Apart’

Keeping the musical momentum going is no easy task. So many artists come and go, even after a successful record. A real passion for creating music must remain. There will be ups and downs but if your passion remains consistent, music will continue to flow. Our friend Matt from Bittersweet Machines certainly seems to have this passion. 

Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, the singer/songwriter has been creating music under the Bittersweet Machines moniker since 2012. Matt Mocharnuk describes choosing the name saying “I chose the name because I liked the juxtaposition of the two words. They don’t really seem to go together but I felt like it captured the duality of my songwriting. “Bittersweet” is a feminine, warm, and emotional word whereas “Machines” is more masculine and cold. I write songs from a place of personal experiences & authenticity but try to deliver it in a way that others can find themselves in the songs; attaching it to their lives.”

Now with his fifth full-length album The Stars And The Ground officially out as of November 21st, Bittersweet Machines is sharing the lead single “Break Your Love Apart” with us. The track is am emotion-laden alt-pop song that will creep deep into your soul. The elegant guitar melody soothes and relaxes the mind before the big anthemic chorus takes over. 

The vocals are just as gorgeous. Smooth yet powerful. Matt has an amazing ability to allow his lyrics to connect with the listener. When he repeats “I promise not to break your love apart,” I truly believe him. 

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