Bittersweet Machines Dances In With ‘Disco Volante”

It will always amaze me how an artist can consistently come up with ideas for new songs. (This is an area where my personal musical career faltered). It is a true gift to constantly gather inspiration for more music. One such talent is our friend Bittersweet Machines. The project is back with a new EP titled Disco Volante.

Singer-songwriter Matt Mocharnuk from Greensboro, North Carolina is the sole mind behind the project. Over the last 8 years as Bittersweet Machines, he has released five full-length albums of original material. Prolific would be a good word for Matt as a songwriter. This is not your everyday guy with a guitar writing songs. The Bittersweet Machines sound encapsulates a full sonic landscape.

The new record Disco Volante furthers this beauty. The 8 song EP touches all the bases. For the opener “Seraphina”, Matt lays down an electro beat with an assortment of speaker filling sounds. Over that, the vocals paint a pretty picture of love and yearning. The tone slows down a little fro “Until I Disappear” but as the song builds we soon find ourselves in the middle of a wild soundscape. The emotion bleeds through everywhere.

Bittersweet Machines Tackles Duran Duran

For the first time I have seen, Bittersweet Machines tackles a cover on this album. The Duran Duran classic “War Machines On” is given a full remake while remaining loyal to the original. Matt says of the track “Duran Duran has always been a huge influence and I felt that I could reimagine the song in a new and respectful way.” Mission accomplished.

The record closes with three acoustic tracks to focus on the emotional vibe that Bittersweet Machines can provide. The one that stands out for me is “The Stars & Ground”. The vocals are beautiful and meaningful as they create a cozy feel that embraces the listener. Bittersweet Machines has us in his grasp, but we are OK with that.

Dive in deeper for more music HERE.

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