Bittersweet Machines Proves There Is “No Bad Horizon”

With the production tools available out there today, even for the home studio, there is no reason not to have a full sound on your recordings. If you are willing to put in the time to collaborate with talented individuals, your music can sound exactly how you desire it to. For proof and inspiration have a listen to Bittersweet Machines.


This big sound is the solo project of singer/songwriter Matt Mocharnuk. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, he has been releasing music under the Bittersweet Machines name since 2012. Matt also breaks down the illusion that great music has to be headquartered in a music capital such as NYC, Los Angeles, or Nashville. There are no excuses.


On October 21st, 2018, Bittersweet Machines released his latest record entitled No Bad Horizon. The 11 track album pours out a full alternative electro-rock sound filling the speakers with top-notch production. It was recorded at Earthtones Studios with Benjy Johnson and produced by Mark McKee. The spacy plucked strings that start the opener “Only You And Me” quickly give way to a full sonic explosion. Vocals are delivered with a true passion that takes the full sound to new heights.



On “Sign Of Life” we are treated to a modern new-wave sound that pulses forward with electronic energy over a fun beat. There is a positive message in the lyrics and sound here. This new and improved take on the electronic 80’s sound can be heard on “Lights Are Fading Down” as well.


Bittersweet Machines Fills The Full Sonic Palette 


“Ordinary Day” shows us another side of Bittersweet Machines as the pace slows down for an emotion-laden song that reaches for the heartstrings. Matt’s vocals pour out feelings here drawing the listener in even closer as the song builds. “Hold Still” continues this emotional journey with a similar pace. This one builds an epic anthem sound that can be compared to the soundtrack favorites of some of the biggest bands out there today.


The closer “Monarch” starts simple enough with a steady drumbeat and electric piano melody. The lyrics are added to let the focus grow as more and more sounds join together to create a full sonic tapestry. The musical space is used ever so elegantly. This is music for all of us.

Keep up with more from Bittersweet Machines on BANDCAMP.


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