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‘Blue Jay’ by Yellow Lane Will Give You Wings

The best thing about ‘Blue Jay’ by Yellow Lane is that it is pure alternative pop and it is a wholly enjoyable summer song.

The best thing about ‘Blue Jay’ by Yellow Lane is that it is pure alternative pop. It is a wholly enjoyable summer song. Indeed, it is especially necessary for what will likely be a difficult upcoming summer for all of us. Despite the fact that staying indoors and not leaving the house is a new-normal for many of us, ‘Blue Jay’ is a joyous tune. Indeed, it reminds us that better days will come again.

It has a 90’ vintage twang that melds expertly with the almost ethereal vocals. Perhaps the most special thing about ‘Blue Jay’ is that it perfectly captures the feeling of finding new love before the realities of what love entails catch up.

‘Blue Jay’ is about falling in love and falling in love with everything about that person. It is polished, but above all, it is tender and sweet. However, it is not mawkish.

The song especially works due to the cohesiveness of the band itself. Each element complements one another as opposed to canceling each other out. There is no one part of the song that is overwhelming.

Unlike many alternative pop songs that feature the vocals as the primary focus on the melody, the singer here uses his voice to connect the band together.

Swedish band Yellow Lane are fairly new on the music scene, having formed in 2018. It is truly incredible that a band that did not exist only a few years ago has seemingly already found their rhythm and work together as a complete unit. If ‘Blue Jay’ is any hint as to where this group is going, they will most certainly be a band to keep one’s eye on.

‘Blue Jay’ is a perfect song for the coming summer, it is both merry and dreamy at the same time. This song is the musical equivalent of drinking a cup of coffee while sitting on the grass in the sun. Give this song and this band a chance, you won’t regret it. ‘Blue Jay’ by Yellow Lane is currently available.

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