Blupa Music – Beautiful blend of musical styles from Norway

In our continuous search around the globe for innovative and beautiful music we have ventured to the Nordic countries quite often.  Maybe it is the beauty and serenity of the landscape or maybe it is that these countries seem to live in relative peace away from the aggression of the rest of the world.  Our latest find Blupa Music seems to fit this mold.

Blupa Yellow Dog

Blupa Music is the indie-folk-rock-blues-jazz expression of guitarist, singer, songwriter and audio recording artist Geir Erlend Roev.  He was born in Stavanger, Norway in 1973 (actually making him a year older than me).  This long era of making music has developed into a very personal style that blends all of his influences together.

On May 12th Blupa Music released the Yellow Dog EP with hopes of exposing his sound to more listeners.  The opening track is a beautiful beginning to the prettiness of his sound with its mellow yet adventurous vibe to it.  Vocals and instruments are layered perfectly over each other.  This is relatively rare for an EP.  The title track “Yellow Dog” is more experimental with its interesting vocal delivery as he tells a full story.  “Lovers Of Eternity” continues this innovative style of storytelling with other instruments added to give it even more substance.  The record closes with “Revolution Blues” as the story takes a darker tone.  The guitar is well played and keeps the listener’s attention throughout the song.

Experience it for yourself at:

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