Bones In Butter Makes Us Choose ‘Love or Fear’

There is nothing that can hold back good music. Life has a way of trying to derail an artist but the power of music will eventually push through and present itself to be shared with the world. It has been a long winding road for recent discovery Bones In Butter but the time has come and the release of his Love or Fear EP is here.

The musical project is the brainchild of Milutin Krašević. Born in Switzerland to Yugoslav immigrant parents, music was a part of life from an early age. From forced piano lessons at age 7 to sneaked listens of The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel with his sister to an early concert experience with Electric Light Orchestra, music had its grip on Milutin. 

The punk movement really caught his attention and drew him in to teach himself some guitar chords and dive into writing his own songs. A band with moderate success followed but it was not meant to be at that time. Life moved along and a career as an English and German translator presented itself as a better option for survival than a punk rocker.

Fortunately, Milutin never stopped writing and dreaming of music. After settling down with his wife and son in Belgrade, Serbia, time became more available and he decided to fully indulge his passion for music. Bones In Butter was born. The vision was to blend beautiful melodies and harmonies with the darkness and thoughtfulness of the Post-Punk era.

Bones In Butter was introduced to the world last month with the release of debut EP Love or Fear. The 7 track record brings the dark punk sounds of the past to a modern age with a genre-crossing style. The opener “The Imposter” sets the tone with a minimalistic ambient start soon giving way to a synth-infused full sound to paint the scene. We get to see the emotion of Bones In Butter with “Marry Me”. Even with a building energy and slick guitar, the feeling of the song can be felt in the lyrics.

Bones In Butter leads us to ‘A New Generation’

The steady bass and drumbeat of “A New Generation” hark back to the oi punk of the past but the melodic guitars take the track in a modern direction that gives it a broad appeal. The album goes back to a mellower tone with “Littlewing” featuring the lead vocals of Larasinger. The exotic sounds of the background create an attention grabbing element that demands multiple listens to take it all in.

The high-paced ‘Riffraff” turns up the energy with a dark vibe yet fast moving feel that gets the blood pumping as Bones In Butter shares a full story to follow along in the lyrics. For the closer “Beyond The Seas” Larasigner is brought back for a breezy cover of the 1945 pop song. 

The full Love or Fear EP truly takes us on a full journey through a mass of genres to tell a complete story. We hope this is just the start and we hear more from Bones In Butter soon. Keep up with the project HERE.

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