Brian Iannucci Steals Hearts With New Single!

Singer and songwriter Brian Iannucci recently released his new single “You Stole My Heart Away” now available on most platforms. This Saint John, Florida musician is used to making music that touches the hearts of many listeners with his soothing vocals and meaningful lyrics and melodies. 

Iannucci likes to combine his favorites from country, pop, and blues to make his own unique sound. He brings his music to life with the help of the piano and loves to provide a “deep, thoughtful, and entertaining musical experience.”

“You Stole My Heart Away” is a beautifully written song with the perfect mix of modern and classic styles to create his newest love song. He continues to raise the bar with his beautiful lyrics and emotionally-filled voice.  

“You Stole My Heart Away” has an accompanying music/lyric video to check out as well! 

The accompanying video perfectly illustrates this love story and plays with different animation styles along the way. Similar to the more contemporary side of the group Journey, This new track is piano-driven and beautifully crafted in both its catchy chorus and melodic verses. 

Be sure to keep up with Brian Iannucci for more music to follow! 


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