Brie Angellina is Angelic in New Single ‘Lullaby’

Contrary to most angry songs to exes, Brie Angellina sings a soothing ballad to her ex love. Instead of hating the world for the pain it inflicted on her, she decides to smoothly serenade her old partner and be honest about their relationship in her newest single, “Lullaby.”

Honesty is more common in music than through anything else in culture, yet Angellina reaches a new level of vulnerability. Her lyrics are real and genuine, almost as if she stole the words from your own mouth. As she looks back on her previous love story, the artist gently speaks from her heart without any hurtful intent. As part of her new EP Honeyed Words, the musician is already on the path to creating meaningful and significant art.

Brie Angellina’s Truly Calming Presence

Just like an actual lullaby, Brie Angellina completely soothes listeners. She doesn’t use any extravagant metaphors or diction, but rather chooses colloquial language to communicate her confusion and distress over the past.

She softly sings, “Wait till after dark / Take out and a movie / Where did we leave off / Got new things to show me / I don’t know about you / But I’m feeling lonely.” With a voice like a creamy whisper, Angellina resonates with the average broken heart.

Instead of trying to appear above any emotion or deep suffering, Angellina’s serenade includes her speaking, “What you doing, what’s up / I’m alone, are you up.” With her phrase impersonating a voicemail, listeners are forced to think about what message they would leave their exes as well.

The most fascinating aspect about Angellina is her ability to sound so musically composed, yet write so relatably. Listeners can sing along while simultaneously remembering themselves declaring the same words not so long ago.

Hear more of Brie Angellina’s soothing but close-to-home sounds here.

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