Broken Fences – Enter A Beautiful And Relaxing World

When a musician has real success as a solo artist it is extremely rare that they will consider joining forces with another musician for much more than a one-off song collaboration.  Maybe it is an ego thing.  But when two talented people can bring their skills together to share, real magic can happen.  This seems to be the case with our latest discovery Broken Fences.

Morgan Erina and Guy Russo began writing and performing together as Broken Fences back in 2010 after each having successful solo careers going.  Morgan is only 23 years old but is already considered an industry veteran, having headlined a national tour, and recorded several albums of solo material.  Originally from NYC, she followed friend Justin Sane of Anti-Flag to Pittsburgh in the summer of 2010.  She rose to the top of the folk scene selling out shows across the city.  Guy Russo, in turn, grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, and has sung and led choirs since he’s been old enough to perform. He has a unique talent for crafting beautiful, unexpected harmonies, and has acquired a reputation as the go-to arranger for many of Pittsburgh’s top songwriters.

Upon the pairs first meeting a bond was formed that led to an undeniable creativity that has led to the duo’s debut self-titled album Broken Fences.  The 12 track record is a powerful collaboration that caters to both of their strengths.  Comparisons have been made to modern artists such as Bon Iver and past greats like Simon & Garfunkel.  Songs such as ‘Today It’s Raining On Just You’ show how they can both share the lead and create a commanding sonic presence.  The duo does it again on ‘Listen To My Voice’.  Instead of taking turns singing verses the group sings over each other creating great harmonies that melt the listener immediately.  Broken Fences biggest hit so far ‘Wait’ has also been remastered and included as the closer of the album.  It is a phenomenal mellow song that has been featured on Ion network’s hit drama Flashpoint, and then again in August of 2012 on USA’s Necessary Roughness. This is beautiful songwriting with amazing harmonies that will gain the group major recognition as they continue to get exposed to the masses.

Go listen to Broken Fences for yourself and prepare to enter a relaxing world:

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