Jessye DeSilva Welcomes us ‘Wide Open Inside’

One of my joys of going to music conferences, such as The Cape May Singer-Songwriter Conference that I attended a few weeks back, is meeting musicians that are serious about their craft and willing to learn from others who have been in the music industry for a while. One such intriguing artist that I met in Cape May was Jessye DeSilva.

After seeing Jessye’s face at a few panels I spoke on and then by chance catching an amazing performance in the Brown Room of Congress Hall, it was evident they were onto something unique. The sound of Jessye DeSilva ties together a wide assortment of genres into a pretty little package. Although piano-driven folk, there are tastes of alt-rock and country in there. A little Irish folk music pops in as well.

As a non-binary queer person growing up in the conservative church, Jessye’s upbringing was not always easy. Isolation was usual but as most of us do, they found music. In particular, Jessye discovered the vulnerability and resilience of artists such as Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Stevie Nicks to get through the tough times with a sense of positivity and rebellion.

Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, Jessye DeSilva has just released a debut EP, Hoarfrost and Crocus Shoots. The 8 song record focuses on the pain and precariousness of growth and change. The beauty of music is exposed right from the opener “Wide Open Inside.” Elegant piano mixes with Bryan’s folk-friendly voice. There is a story within the song that draws the listener in closer to see where it goes.

Jessye DeSilva Provides Elegantly Produced Singles

There is a tinge of the country genre on “Jeannie Francis” with multiple sounds spread around the mix creating a full sonic backdrop. This is production. Another direction is taken with a truly different version of the Kate Bush song “Hounds of Love”. Background vocal dubbing and the high notes Jessye is able to hit add to the production prowess.

The energy is turned up for “Wake The Dead” with a bluesy feel, distorted piano, and some guitar added for a taste of angst. The vocals add to this tone with a big chorus demanding a crowd to sing along. The record closes with a mix of it all on “Heretic”. There is elegant beauty but a slow building melody leads us to believe there is a time of chaos coming. Lyrics such as ‘I am not angry but I’m not coming home’ make us want to be the shoulder of support for the resilient artist.

Overall a great EP full of beauty, grace, angst, and perseverance. Give it a listen for yourself HERE

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