Builders Funding New Album on PledgeMusic


Young, talented, and still new to the scene, downtempo indie band Builders have decided to step out of the darkness of unobserved creativity and released an all new album, titled When The Light’s Gone, funding and taking preorders on PledgeMusic for two more days.

Builders — Young and Original

Based in LA, Builders definitely have found a way to silence the ever-present urge to conform to the wiles of pop culture.

They’ve successfully matched high-pitched synthesized sounds almost fighting to lull you into a harmony-induced dream state with heavy hitting classic rock drum patterns that demand your active attention. Their vocals, though not the strongest, serve as an outstanding match to the slug-like pace found in many of their songs.

Light, airy, and suburban, Builders definitely speak to a very well-defined audience.

When the band decides to pick up the tempo, they do so with gusto. Songs like “A Place,” from their 2014 debut LP My Lungs, say it all. With mid-ranged chord progressions and pounding bass drum rhythms, they adequately create a congenial “pop rock” feel whilst maintaining a sense of individualism and originality.

They’ve got lyrics to listen to and choruses to sing along to. The only thing standing between Builders and the greatness they’re destined for is time.

Growth Spurts

The growth noted from their first album in 2013, Makeshift Seams, to My Lungs the following year was impeccable. Including improvements in the overall production quality, vocals and lyricism, the band seemed to whole-heartedly transform itself in the matter of a year.

Having waited two long years to put together this year’s album, When The Light’s Gone, we can be sure to see exceptional progress yet again.

In past works they’ve shown a mastery of both the creation and presentation of their suburban-tailored lyrics. They’ve shown us that they can maintain originality. They’ve shown us they’ve got talent. But can they show us just how great they truly are?

I’m expecting Builder’s When The Light’s Gone to show us that, this time, they know exactly what they’re doing. I’m just hoping you’re there to watch ‘em with me.

There are only 2 more days to pre-order the album on PledgeMusic — don’t miss out.

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