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Bully Releases Raw, Moving Video for Focus

Bully has been growing a bigger and bigger fan base ever since the release of their first album, Feels Like. The rock band, based out of Nashville, Tennessee, has just released an official music video for their track “Focused,” off their new album, Losing.


The song is about a relationship, and what you go through as you attempt to keep calm and stay “focused” in the face of a situation in which you feel like you have no control. Lead singer Alicia Bognanno has a voice and tone similar to that of Norah Jones, but with an alternative punk/rock style.


The video exhibits images that look like claymation on a dark background. The moving pictures resemble the ups and downs of a relationship or friendship and how the stakes are raised the older you get. The simple imagery allows the viewer to take more notice of the way the relationship is progressing as we get further into the song.

A New Age of Storytelling


Bognanno’s voice sounds very calm and level through the first two verses, but becomes louder and more aggressive throughout. This works really well, in terms of her telling her story. As her story continues, she becomes more and more unraveled.


The authenticity that both the song and the video convey make them very relatable and believable to listeners. If you like alternative artists who are not afraid to take risks with their music, be sure to check out the rest of their album, Losing. The band, made up of three males and one female, manages to pull together all of their stories and share them in a beautiful, raw manner.


See Bully Live on their Upcoming Tour


Their music boldly calls out the reality of what it means to be an adult in this day and age. Gaining more and more recognition for their music, Bully will be going on tour around the United States and the United Kingdom. You can find tickets for their upcoming tour on Bully’s website.

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