The Busy Twist Redefines Musical Collaboration with Busy Life Label, ‘Sunny Side’ EP

The Busy Twist is a musical duo who records in Ghana and produces their tracks in London. Their newest project, and EP titled Busy Life, was created out of their experiences travelling, including to Ghana in West Africa for the first time.


The purpose of their music, their label, and their travels is to “connect the dots” between South America, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe in regards to their unique musical styles, combining them into a beautiful, harmonious sound that is fluid between a number of cultures and respectful of all of them. The cross-flow, or equal sharing, of inspiration between cultures is tantamount to their vision.

Meet the Musicians

Ollie Williams, Oli Cole, and Gabriel Benn are DJs and producers for the Busy Life label. The Busy Twist’s primary vocalist, Zongo Abongo is an incredibly talented musician and his vocals take listeners on a raw, inspiring, and positive journey. The other vocalists featured on their newest tracks are Siaka Djarra and Kyekyeku, who is also a featured guitarist.

The project features four tracks. The first track, “Sunny Side,” has a fast pace and exuberant sound throughout, the vocals and instrumentals painting for the listeners a beautiful cultural canvas. “Traveller” starts off a bit slower, but quickens and changes tone and instrument throughout, with “Yiriba” following in suite, while adding a more techno sound.


The final track on the album, “Train Soukous” is a purely instrumental song, which will have you in a melodic trance from start to finish. You can find all four new songs by The Busy Twist on soundcloud.


The Busy Twist Invents a New Style


The Busy Twist has created a musical revolution, as the artists defy cultural boundaries in order to create the masterpiece that is Sunny Side. By combining the musical influences from cultures in several parts of the world, they are creating a new genre and a new way to define musical collaboration.

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