Cade Hoppe Shares “Hurts”

Cade Hoppe is originally from Sacramento California, until he packed up his belongings and headed east. The move to NYU was to pursue basketball and academics but then music took over. In life we all encounter that proverbial fork in the road, where decisions are made, and new paths are forged. The need to create music beyond the lights and adulation comes from within. Cade’s childhood piano lessons and talent show performances were no doubt the spark to his career in music. Today he debuts his pensive and emotional single Hurts.”

The vocals drive the track. The plucked guitar and synth pads roll in like a thick fog that darken the day. Flashes of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” set up the jubilant bounce of the pop drums, energizing the track. Percolating piano keys dance in the dense soundscape like bubbles in a fish tank. Teased by an 80’s guitar lead whose melody guides us through the music like the dancing aroma of a hot cartoon pie that sits in a windowsill. The song’s lyrics describe the struggle we face to forget and overcome. The awkward post relationship purgatory where the only thing that makes sense is the pain.

Listen to “Hurts” below

Cade Hoppe’s music catalog covers a wide range of genres and styles with a propensity that leans on dark pop. Aside from Coldplay, his new song has elements of “Take On Me” by A-Ha and a significant dose of “Something I Can Never Have” by Nine Inch Nails. Vulnerability is what “Hurt” delivers by the pound. A candid confession written in the page of his diary which he now shares with the world.

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