Canshaker Pi Wants To ‘Put a Record Out’

“Powerfully crafted, highly intelligent indie rock” –CLASH

That’s Canshaker Pi, a four member group from Amsterdam that has a punk flair in a heavy rock sound. Already established as one of the most energetic and exciting bands in Holland, they’re breaking into the US scene with a stint at SXSW.


Their songs are full of explosive energy, and it almost sounds like Canshaker Pi is about to burst. At the same time, though, they have a firm grasp on the sound they’ve developed since they got their start a few years ago.


Canshaker Pi just announced their sophomore album, Naughty Naughty Violence, which follows their self-titled record of 2016 and is due out in May. With the announcement came the premiere of their newest song, which serves as the album’s lead single.


‘Put a Record Out’ Shows Off Canshaker Pi’s Cheeky Side


The group’s newest song, “Put a Record Out,” is fiery, passionate, and undeniably, unavoidably heavy.


“To us, ‘Put a Record Out’ is the ultimate party noise and our take on what true and epic motorcycle rock’n’roll should sound like,” the band explained.


It pushes their sound in a post-punk direction. Their self-titled debut established Canshaker Pi as a band with a slightly unique perspective on the rock genre, and now, “Put a Record Out” is excitedly adding a deeper punk flair.

Since their first record, Canshaker Pi has refined their style and sound to incorporate more vintage and punk aspects, and it’s something that only elevates their uniqueness.


Naughty Naughty Violence promises to serve as an extension of the band’s evolution and development in the past couple years by marking their new and more refined style.


Canshaker Pi’s unwavering and infectious energy is what draws you in, but their interesting lyrics and well-crafted instrumentation are what keeps you listening. Naughty Naughty Violence is due out May 4.


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