Capyac Stirs Up New Track ‘Fade Out’ from Their Melting Pot

Capyac and RuDi Devino have teamed up to make a next-level track titled “Fade Out”. The funky tune is an all around fun song, loaded with a new-age mix of jazz, R&B, and electronic music. The impressive mixture of bass and soprano vocals perfectly pair with the melody. Together they’ve created a song definitely worth putting on repeat.

Jazz, R&B, and electro all come together in Capyac’s new single “Fade Out”.

“Fade Out” begins with an upbeat, fast-paced jazz melody. All of a sudden the music stops and it sounds like the group is readjusting their equipment for a moment. Then, a new jaw-droppingly smooth beat comes in with an amazing percussion entrance close behind. It was as if Capyac was just double checking that everything was in place before going on with the song again. This really attests to their transparency and realness. They’re just making music how they want to make it, not to impress everyone or make it completely perfect down to every last millisecond.

We’re definitely impressed, though.

“Fade Out” was written by both Capyac and Devino, with the help of Papa Mongoose who is the player behind the brilliant saxophone and keyboard riffs. The saxophone instrumentals sound like a smooth transition between jazz and R&B. The track came together nicely with the combination of guitar, keyboard, saxophone, and soaring vocals. It’s harmonies and instrumentation are equally positive and optimistic. The beats are head-boppingly groovy. “Fade Out” even incorporates both singing and rapping, in addition to the diverse instrumentation of the track.

Duo P. Sugz and Potion both come from incredibly diverse musical backgrounds, resulting in the glorious melting pot that is Capyac. The two created their band in 2014 and have been on a roll ever since. The group has a lot more music planned for the future and we can’t wait to see what comes next. The track may fade out at the end, but Capyac sure isn’t going to.

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