Chad Carman Gives Us Fun Music From A Fun Mind

Chad Carman

Not all music is made to change the world.  Music is fun.  When an artist creates music with this fun in mind it can create some very interesting listening experiences.  Indie Band Guru was recently introduced to Chad Carman who seems to have this all figured out within his own unique hip hop style.

The producer, rapper and collage artist hails from Rochester, New York.  Chad Carman is quite prolific with his own brand of comedic and satirical hip hop.  The real aim of his music is to provide a fun approach to the music and entertainment industry that often takes itself way too serious.  This experimental subgenre of hip-hop and punk rock fusion is referred to as B-Music. It is inspired by its predecessor B-Movies, the cheesy, low budget films that have built a cult following with their campiness.

The latest project by Chad Carman is the Haphazard Hazmats HipHop Powerplant EP.  The full 16 minute record is an adventure in sound with cut samples and funny flows colliding for something that you will find yourself paying close attention to.  Dive in here:



Chad Carman acts as the Producer, Sampler, DJ, Vocalist, and Graphic Artist on the record.  Right from the opener “16 Throwback” we know there is a party happening and we are all invited.  The familiar funk beats draw you into what Carman has to say.  The lyrics take the forefront on “Disco Thug” as the humor shines through, seeming to come at the listener from all angles as more bouncy beats dance around the speakers.  Samples provide some more comedic breaks.

The flows get exotic as the tide turns with “Uncanny Styles” showing some diversity in Chad Carman’s influences.  There is aggression and sweet talk from verse to verse.  The title track “Haphazard Hazmats” ties it all together with elegant flows split with cut samples showing skills on the DJ and Producer side as well.

The record closes with “Mysterious Escapades” which exposes even more vocal accents taking a turn.  The pictures that Chad Carman paints with his music are quite out there ut that is what makes his songs so fun and enjoyable to listen to over and over again.

Dive into his YOUTUBE channel and FACEBOOK page for even more entertainment.

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