Charlie Barrale Shares Life in “For Me”

For musical inspiration a songwriter must be willing to look within and share pieces of their own life. This has the ability of creating a real relatability to the listener as well. Our recent discovery Charlie Barrale took his time to share his intimate life on new single “For Me.”

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the touring musician has made a successful career for himself. As Charlie Barrale was releasing his debut album Different Than Before back in 2017 his life was about to get very different. He met his future wife Julia around this time. They started dating in 2018 and formed the acoustic duo PDA: Public Display of Affection. Everything clicked quickly and the duo started touring. They traveled to 34 states in 2 years playing shows from as far west as Hawaii and as far northeast as Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The pair married in August of 2020 and continues to grow together.

Charlie Barrale will release his new single “For Me” on September 3rd, 2021. The song tells a story about a guy who finally met the right one, and how his life changed from that first kiss. This story has been experienced personally by Charlie. The emotion-fueled vocals prove that. The Americana tinged tune draws the listener in, hoping they can experience the same. There is some excellent guitar work here as well. The soaring verses reach deep into the heart of us all. Strong songwriting that we can all relate to. 

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