IBG Premiere – ‘Zebra’ By Cheer Up Suicide

Our new friends from Cheer Up Suicide are continuing their string of solid releases with the Indie Band Guru premiere of ‘Zebra’. The genre-blurring Swiss band has changed up their sound again with perhaps thier most original song yet.

Premiere of ‘Zebra’ by Cheer Up Suicide

Cheer Up Suicide gave us an inside look at how the song came together. Dive into the backstory with us:

The first time we used what was going to be ‘Zebra’ was on one of our last concerts. We like to put a beat or something catchy when we make the shoutouts at the end of the concert. I had some drums unfinished and looped. A few people asked us if that was a new song or something. We started from that point, from a drum loop sketch. 

Back in the studio we really lost ourselves trying to figure out what instruments, or topic to sing about. Usually, we keep it much more efficient but there was something to this one. Anthony came up with this great idea of ways of thinking. The Zebra thinking is a gift for some, a curse for others, it makes the mind never stop, making bridges between everything. So he started to write about that and for me it was much clearer where I would go for sound. I need some unstable synths and during the verses, the lyrics explain good and bad parts of having that kind of way of thinking. I need to introduce the chorus with something yelling out of our heads to explain to the world how it affects some people. There is a tension about that before the chorus.

The samples used throughout the song are the voices sometimes contained, sometimes uncontained. So we kind of used our way of thinking, which has affected our lives and music greatly into our art. Again, referring to our band name, we made something brighter out of something that can be overwhelming and dark in our everyday life.

Cheer Up Suicide promises us more music is coming soon. We are certainly looking forward to it.

Find the song here:

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