Chris Beland Is Not Afraid to Share ‘What I Believe’

Music can be a great outlet. We all experience life in different ways. Some great things happen along with some terrible circumstances from time to time. As an artist we can share both the good and the bad within our music. Our recent discovery Chris Beland has had an interesting life journey that he has found a way to share with his songwriting.

The word interesting is an understatement in describing the singer and songwriter’s life. To try and describe the path of Chris Beland briefly: became a father at 15, married, drug addiction, homelessness, remarrying, and finding his real father. And that is just the high/low-lights. All the while though Chris had music. Songwriting may have saved his sanity and helped him get his pains and successes out of his mind and into the musicsphere.

On September 16th, Chris Beland released his latest album What I Believe on Santa Barbara Records. The 10 track record aims to touch on the state of the world today. Opening with “Where Is Georgia” the fun energy smacks the listener right away. This will be an entertaining listen. There is meaning behind the song as well with Chris Beland tying in current events with the wild story of the election in Georgia with a Bruce Springsteen like veracity.

Have a Cry With Chris Beland

We get to dive into more of the artist’s mindset with “Feel Like Cryin’” and its slowed down tempo. This has a way of turning up the emotion of the track as we can all relate. “Tunnel” continues this vibe with atmosphere and interesting sounds creating the mood. A sudden female guest vocal grabs attention even more to the feelings here.

The big energy returns with “World.” A blazing rocker about unity delivered with Chris Beland’s unique vocal that calls to the listener to be a part of betterment for our society. “It felt like I had something to speak to this generation,” Beland says,“I want to bring people together instead of divide.”

The album closes with “Family Tree” which was actually the lead single. The bouncing track speaks to how polarized our country is at the moment, we’re all still the same. Chris Beland tackles it with purpose explaining that we are all connected no matter what side of the argument we are all on. A smooth humming chorus welcomes everyone to be part of not only this song but an overall better humanity.

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