Chris Davidson – Overseas Collaboration For Real Raw Rock Sound

With the power of the internet, the world has become a much smaller place.  It is common now for people on opposite sides of the world to work together on a project.  This has opened up huge possibilities in the music world with collaborations becoming almost effortless.  One such new partnership has been started by Chris Davidson.

The singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom has been writing songs for two decades.  Chris Davidson was actually signed a while back by Jim Beach, the manager of Queen.  With his witty and thought-provoking lyrics, Chris Davidson offers a unique dualism that makes for an interesting contrast between catchy songs and deep, meaningful themes.

Recently Chris Davidson teamed up with the American journalist and lyricist, Charles Ortleb.  Although Davidson is in England and Ortleb is in Boston, the two have become prolific songwriting partners and have developed a strong bond.



The latest song by the duo is called “Song For Jann Wenner”.  The track was inspired by Rolling Stone magazine and the many musical legends who filled its pages and have since passed on.  The raw rock feel has that gritty feel that has been filtered out in most of the modern music with overproduction.  The vocals work well to paint a picture of real feelings and emotion of a man looking back at classic times.  There is a crowd noise in the background that adds to the organic feel of the song.  This is songwriting as it was meant to be.

Chris Davidson has been featured at as well.

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