Christian Heath is the ‘One’ to Explore new Sounds

South African pop artist, Christian Heath, has released his EP, One, and opens up with a moving single.


He normally goes the more conservative and romantic ballad route. However, Heath strayed away from his usual sound with this collection. Although he still has romantic songs like “I’m Yours,” the song “One,” adds a different style.


Christian Heath Incorporates New and Exciting Sounds


‘I’m Yours’ fits in with a more Gospel sound. The sound is exciting and builds up to the chorus just how you would like it to. It makes you feel good and keep you excited for what’s to come, but it’s not exactly the perfect descriptor of the rest of the EP.


The EP includes a bit of an R&B style, giving it a unique touch. In “One,” Heath attempts to stray away from the Gospel sound. Although he explores the R&B sound, he even adds elements of EDM. This strong track uses lyrics to encourage unity in the world.



The song, “Tonight,” also adds in a completely different element. You are immediately introduced to a Latino style and sound. The song includes singer, Nixi, giving us smoother vocals. The melody is catchy and gives off Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias vibes.


Heath also goes a familiar route and throws it back a little. “No Good For You” sounds a bit like a boyband song. Most people immediately see this negatively, however, the song sounds like one that would easily be played on the radio. The poppy, upbeat sound makes you want to dance while his appealing and silvery vocals make you want to hit replay.


“Paradise” is a bit of a slower, mellow tune. The vocals are a bit smokier and more singsong-y than the rest. The vocals are also a bit raspy, making it quite pleasant to listen to. The soothing guitar fits in beautifully with his voice and the lyrics of the song.


The EP ends with “Magic,” a more upbeat tune. The song is an additional track to profess his love for the woman he has been falling for in this EP. It includes disco instrumentation and a more modern synthesizing tempo. The mix of these two make this a great song to wrap up this EP filled with experimentation of news sounds.


Overall, the EP was put together nicely. No one song sounded exactly alike and that’s what makes it so fun to listen to. There’s something in this collection for everyone.


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