Christin Leonna Shows That “Its You”

As an artist in this modern world, you have to be constantly learning and evolving. Christin Leonna, a R&B/soul artist in Oakland, CA, has committed herself to continuously challenging herself as an artist to create inspiration and emotion within her music. Experimenting with alternative rock, hip-hop, soul, and R&B has made Christin Leonna an artist that you must listen to.

Years of living in various cities such as Concord, NC and Oakland, CA, Christin has used her experiences in life and the people it has connected her with to find herself in music. Her youth saw a love for music and she went from being a little girl recording vocals for a girl-group, to a back-up vocalist for various artists, and now Christin is diligently working to produce and create authentic music as a solo artist.

“Its You” was the first song I was put onto from Christin Leonna and within the first 15 seconds I knew what I was listening to was special. This song combines your favorite elements from popular hip-hop and R&B songs but with the smoothness and heart of soul music. There’s a fire in Christin’s voice as she acknowledges her weakness in her love for someone who is just no good for her. But somehow strength still seeps from every note within the song, you can tell that there’s still a fight left within her.

“I’m so dysfunctional in love and I know it’s not you, ay yeah, it’s really me.”

Well produced, this track will entice you with it’s catchy beats, electronic elements, and brass instruments soaring through the background while Christin’s powerful vocals remain at the forefront. The fusion between genres that she has created make this song stand out, and her commitment to evolving and growing has me keen to follow the journey that follows “It’s You.”

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