Christina Custode Tugs at Heartstrings with Vocal and Lyrical Genius

Trends in music come and go but one genre is always in high demand; singer/songwriter. Creating in that genre is Christina Custode, an honest and talented ballad powerhouse.


Custode was educated at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York and currently resides in New York state. After selling out all physical copies of her first 8 song experimental CD within 10 months, her career skyrocketed, sending her festival-hopping and appearing on several different tours.


After her initial success, she released 3 new songs off her currently project, 1 in 2015, 1 in 2016 and then another in 2017. Most recently she has released “Light of Day” on April 6. Produced by the world famous Stuart Epps, Custode follows in the production footsteps of artists such as Led Zeppelin and Elton John.

Christina Custode reaches depths untouchable by most artists


“Light of Day” is genuine and haunting. It’s organic and tells the story of two people changing their relationship forever. She speaks of one person choosing to go right and the other left. Based in raw emotion, this track reaches new depths of your soul. It is everything you hope to find in a singer/songwriter.


And while Custode is still new on the scene, I’d say that she is comparable to a young Carole King. With bold vocals and an intense piano baseline, Custode grasps listeners with untreated hopefulness. She is pulling at heartstrings with her voice and the natural lyrical ability. Laced with truth, “Light of Day” is a heart break anthem.


Christina Custode may be for fans of Sara Bareilles, Christina Perri and James Bay, but she stands a cut above these artists. She is authentic and open with her words and her voice has a certain depth lacked by many singer/songwriters. Custode has broken through barriers and never lost her voice, she is an original voice for those broken hearts without one.

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