CHVRCHES Goes to the Pop Side with New Single ‘Get Out’

After a two year hiatus, Scottish group CHVRCHES has finally returned to the scene. The trio, composed of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, has had hits that range from electronic to alternative and now the newly-ventured-into the world of pop. 



Beginning in 2013, CHVRCHES recorded their entire break out album in Cook’s basement. The Bones of What You Believe appeared late 2013 and lead to a 2014 North American tour. After much commercial success and recognition, the group later released a 19 track sophomore album in 2015 with Alucard Studios, plus a couple singles.

New CHVRCHES track ‘Get Out’ is a coppery electro-pop single

This track showcases front woman Mayberry’s vocal range and electric tone. Keyboardists Cook and Doherty support her lead with a frosty keyboard/synthesizer bed and provide backup vocals.


With the addition to producer Greg Kurstin, the band says, “[Greg] just listens and then Jedi puppet masters the best work out of you. The opening synth riff of ‘Get Out’ was the first thing to emerge on our first day in the studio with him.” With a new producer in their repertoire, the trio has begun a new chapter in their careers.

Carefree and full of good vibes, this preview of an upcoming Junior album indicates that the band has certainly taken a turn towards the world of pop. Mayberry herself has said, “…I feel like it’s the most pop stuff we’ve done and also the most aggressive and vulnerable at the same time.” Not only is the vibe similar to a summer radio hit, it has listeners wanting to roll the windows down and feel the wind in their hair as well as the bass in their steering wheel.


Reminiscent of the ’80s pop synthesizer movement, we are encapsulated by a fast dance beat with lyrics that capture the kaleidoscope of being trapped in your own head trying to navigate the trials of love. Mayberry’s voice sinks into the part of people that just want to “get out”.


Get Out there and do yourself a favor, add this song to your playlist.


“Get Out” is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal and is available for purchase on iTunes as well as Google Play.

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