CitySpeak – Unique Blip-tronica That Will Gain Your Attention Fast

Much inspiration to create music is born at an early age.  Sounds and styles that seem to be irrelevant at the time seem into the brain of a young aspiring musician hopefully crafting ideas that are totally original.  On Indie Band Guru’s infinite search for exotic original music we came across something that seems to have been years in development.  Let us introduce you to CitySpeak.


CitySpeak is the brainchild of Jesse Mason.  His eclectic music style began at a young age with his fascination for the old school chiptunes of classic videogames.  This grew with his love of making music that breaks free from the mainstream “cookie cutter” mold to introduce a new style of electronica.  Jesse claims influences of artists such as Vangelis, Nobuo Uematsu, Chemical Brothers, and M83.  These mixed with his strive for uniqueness has made something that needs to be heard.

This summer CitySpeak will release his first self-titled EP.  The 5 song record is a great introduction to this distinctive style that currently lacks a name.  I will take a stab and call it “blip-tronica”.  The record opener ‘Pris’ begins by building an atmospheric soundscape that welcomes the listener in while secretly warping his mind to prepare it for the experience it is about to have.  The next track ‘Mode D’ jumps out a little faster with a pumping drum beat shadowed by interesting sounds that come at you in waves.  This is music that will keep a sweaty dancing crowd going.  The song that really jumped out at me was ‘2019’.  This futuristic track plays with a wide array of sound producing techniques to stay original but still warm enough to keep the listener welcome and engaged.

We recommend you go get a listen for yourself at:

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