Clay Joule Allows Us To All Be “CRAZY”

The first time I heard “Crazy,” the new single by Clay Joule & Elisa Mammoliti, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a famous quote from Jimmy Hendrix:

“You have to go on and be CRAZY.  Craziness is like heaven”                   

                                                           Jimmy Hendrix     

Clay Joule will never stop spittin’ facts thanks to Elisa Mammoliti on this Crazy track. The vibe is lit and hilarious, even though the content is often deep and heavy, with mad feels and major strength. Shoutout to all the legends who flexed on the norm and slayed.

The music slaps and adds major vibes to the lyrics. This track slaps with its catchy pop beat, hysterical side remarks and a sick “behind the door” joke. Plus, the energy is off the charts and almost hits that ecstatic level. Elisa Mammoliti’s vocals totally slay and take the song from basic pop to a legit masterpiece. She totally vibes with Joule’s robust male voice by adding some misty harmonies, epic crescendos, and unwind spoken word. The song’s dynamics of fire ignited thanks to the unique interplay between the male and female vocals.

Enjoy the “Crazy” music video by Clay Joule

The final emphasize in Crazy’s vid is an obnoxious but funny burp, showing how chill we are about our everyday grind. The last minute of the song has some sick guitar riffs that give the melody more power, and there are also some weird parts like NASA countdowns, crazy piano playing, rocket blasts, popping bubbles, and movie-like sound effects. OMG, this song’s sick guitar solos and lit dance beats got me vibin’ so hard, I can’t help but bust a move to this pop-rock banger even infront of my boss while being in the office.

Clay Joule is a total innovator who always slays and leaves his audience shook. He’s not basic like other artists who stick to one genre. BUT… OMG, the grind totally slayed because “Crazy” proves that Joule can flex any style and make something hella deep and wild that retains the fans glowing, dodging the usual snooze that most artists deal with.  Being a music critic over decades now, I know for fact that not many artists would have that kinda of balls to go genre-defy!  What is remarkable is that Joule doesn’t seem to give it damn.  His diversity makes him the most rebelious artist standing tall by the boarder of the massive music AI invasion in this era.
So let’s stop phubbing and stay crazy!  

As Clay Joule puts it:

                          “I am crazy for my own immunity.”  

This stops him from going cray cray about the new social probz we all gotta deal with.   It’s lit to flex your inner crazy, since those with a healthy dose of madness are stereotyped by society to be smitten.   TBH, peeps who put their online social life on their phones before their IRL connections are straight up wack. You’ll be the judge, I am only a jury. 

“Phubbing” is when you straight up ignore someone in real life because you’re too busy on your phone. Not cool, fam. TBH, “phubbing” isn’t really a thing people say, but like 51% of peeps in relationships say their bae is sometimes distracted by their phone during convos, and it’s like hella annoying and makes you feel hopeless.TBH, fam and squad vibes could be impacted by how peeps feel about phone interruptions. It’s making the situation hella worse.

Smh, it’s like impossible to prevent Phubbing. OMG, there’s this new app called CRAZY by Joule now LOL- that’s trying to get all 5.22 billion smartphone users to stop scrolling and start living IRL.   
OMG, Elisa Mammoliti, the musical theater queen, got a sick callback to Truwan Studio to turn CRAZY into a lit AF show!

Keep up with more from Clay Joule here:


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