Cliff Targum Keeps Growing His Sound

Creating music must be a true passion for the artist. The quest for perfection is one that never will truly come but you must enjoy the journey. Our recent find Cliff Targum seems to take great satisfaction in putting in the work and getting better every day.


The Los Angeles, California based musician and producer claims “music has always been a way for me to connect with people without using words.” Cliff understands that there is always room to keep growing your musical talent and puts his time into being an eternal student. Over the years, he has had many mentors to learn from as well as a long list of musicians to work with that provided education from that side. Always be learning.


As we go through the SOUNDCLOUD of Cliff Targum we discover a wide variety of genres to experience. This wide array of styles lets Cliff keep exploring and learning. We get to experience smooth jazz with an interesting guitar picking tone on “Gypsy Dreams” and then a full metal rock out on “Grooviator.” This wide span shows the true talent of a musician willing to experiment.



It is easy to see it all coming together on more recent songs such as “Cityscape” where a wide variety of sounds creates a soundscape that ventures through jazz, ambient, and even funk genres. This is the sign of a growing artist.


My favorite is another recent track entitled “Beautiful Eyes.” There is a dark vibe that creeps behind a truly pretty guitar line that eases the mind. There is a lot going on in the sonic palette of the song that demands multiple listens.


Cliff Targum has also opened up his studio to work with new artists looking for help writing, recording and producing new music. For more info and more music from Cliff check out his WEBSITE.


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