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Collapsing Scenery Releases Wonderfully Weird “Years of Lead (Are Back Again)” Video

Electro duo Collapsing Scenery is back, this time with a strange but thought-provoking video that accompanies their song “Years of Lead (Are Back Again).”

Collapsing Scenery is the collaboration between Don DeVore and Reggie Debris, and their goal is to bridge the gap between art and politics. Inspired by personal experience and driven by electronic sounds, Collapsing Scenery’s music is uniquely their own.

Milk aptly calls them “a perfect storm of creative forces combining dope sounds with just the right amount of weirdness.”

“Years of Lead (Are Back Again)” Is Creepy But Effective

Musically, “Years of Lead (Are Back Again)” feels fast-moving in rhythm and backbeat, but the vocals stand and aren’t rushed. Dynamic and somehow transcendent, this track is undoubtedly catchy.

The music video, directed by Nina Ljeti, takes it to another level.

“The concept for the video came from an idea I had of what would happen if the cast of Friends had to face the Apocalypse,” Ljeti explains.

The drive of the song lends itself to being the perfect source for weirdness and fun.

The dystopian quality of the video’s narrative is relevant in this day and age, considering the political confusion and unrest in which we live.

Collapsing Scenery’s motivation to create ties between art and politics has resulted in a product that is offbeat and odd, yet poignant.

All in all, “Years of Lead (Are Back Again)” is extremely effective.

Collapsing Scenery’s Political Trend Will Continue

Collapsing Scenery is set to release a full-length album, entitled Stress Positions.

According to the band, it will be “a forward-looking album with strong state-of-the-world lyrical content.”

The aforementioned state of the world is encouraging many to raise their voices in support of what they believe in, and Collapsing Scenery is no different.

Musically, they have created an extremely unique lens through which to show their thoughts.

If the catchiness and effectiveness of “Years of Lead (Are Back Again)” is anything to go by, Stress Positions is sure to be an album full of great hooks and poignant messages.





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