Conceptz Are Ready To Make A ‘Splash’

The seeds of success for Conceptz first took root in 2011 when brothers Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix, aspiring New York born performers and writers, first conceived the project. They’ve worked hard since to establish themselves as an often conceptually minded hip-hop outfit with a strong penchant for crafting cuts incorporating a number of different influences. Their new single release “Splash” embodies that approach well, forsaking some of their conceptual trappings, but nonetheless pairing the single with a video release that is the duo’s best foray yet into visual media. The nearly four and a half minute song is ideal for the video treatment and its unbridled celebration of sexuality finds perfect visual expression in the sun-drenched, vividly New York City scenery and the rapid fire cuts often filling the video. It’s as expertly filmed and assembled as the duo could ever hope for.


Their talents and ambitions range wide, but they are capable of connecting with listeners on a very physical level. The rhythms of “Splash” are finessed just right and pick listeners up from the first – this, in a sense, is club music of the highest order and will undoubtedly sound massive pumping out of any high end audio system. Don’t think that means it’s shallow however – far from it. There’s a lot of understated musicality in what they do here, even vocally with the light touch of the song title repeated during the chorus, and the well calibrated shifts in the song’s movement gives it a smooth, lightly funky quality that goes well with the track’s subject matter.



The volleys of vocals from the duo are the peak of hearing this song and bear repeated listening. They handle the verses like seasoned veterans in this game and, when the chorus comes, turn up the afterburners on their vocals just enough to push that moment a little deeper into the audience’s brain. It’s impressive to hear them handle these challenging lines so well and they make a musical experience of the delivery, as well, that brings the song fully to life. Any evidence fair minded listeners need of this duo’s talent and potential is contained in the grooves of this track if nowhere else.


Conceptz’s rise from their New York beginnings to this point is the story of talent willing out over the challenges any music act faces being heard in today’s climate. They bring a lot of discipline to what they do, as well, and you can hear that in how focused this song comes off and the personal touch characterizing every second of the track. “Splash” is the latest single from Conceptz, so you can expect them to push it hard, but it deserves the widest audience thanks to the powerhouse performance they deliver with this tune. They are one of the best hip-hop acts going today, at any level.


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     -review by Jodi Marxbury

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