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Consistency: The Not So Secret Key To Social Media Success For Artists In 2022

Whether you are an up-and-coming artist or are a veteran of the music industry, I am sure at some point in your career you’ve heard the term “Consistency.” Consistency is a not so secret key to success for a number of industries, especially social media and music. A quote by famous actor Dwayne Johnson reads “Success isn’t always about ‘greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.”

In this article I will be sharing my thoughts on artists being consistent on social media and how this will benefit them in the upcoming 2022 year. I will also share an example of an artist who I feel has been killing it in the social media game. 

In my opinion I believe that it is extremely important for artists to be consistent in their posting. It may seem intimidating at first to be consistent in your social media presence but with a strong social media plan and a well thought out content schedule, it is easy to fall into a routine. This routine is crucial to the success of your social media presence because being consistent in posting raises engagement with your fanbase and keeps them interested in you and your music. 

The video below shares some great music marketing tips on what musicians should post on social media, how to find content ideas for artists, why you need to make a weekly plan to become successful artists, and how to promote music with social media.

Get ideas for content creation below

One artist who I feel has been killing it in the social media game is YUNGBLUD. 24 year old British pop-punker Dominic Richard Harrison aka ‘YUNGBLUD’, has taken his social media platform and transformed it into what I think might be one of the strongest fan bases in today’s music industry. 

His fanbase known as the ‘Black Hearts Club’ is a tight knit community of teenagers that have banded together to advocate for love and equality. YUNGBLUD has preached many times both onstage and offstage about how being a part of the YUNGBLUD community is like being part of a family. He has given many kids labeled an “outcast” a voice and a sense of belonging by being transparent and unapologetically himself with them. 

In a story published July 30, 2020 on Spotify for Artists, YUNGBLUD was asked “How do you balance an authentic connection with your community while growing your fanbase?” His response is what I feel every artist of today’s generation should live by and why I truly value him as not only an inspirational artist, but an inspirational person. 

“Even though there are many of us, there is one. Our souls are connected. There’s a wire running out of my arm into millions of these kids’ hearts and then they’re running back because we understand each other when no one else does. I ain’t arsed about hits or charts ‘cause that’s just numbers to me. All I care about is how many people I walk out to. I want a stadium full of mates—that’s what I call them. I FaceTime them all the time, and I will be outside at the venue, even if it’s an arena, because I wouldn’t be here without them. They make me feel heard, liberated, excited, unified, and myself. Everyone’s got this thing in common. It’s not me, it’s this ideology. YUNGBLUD isn’t Dom from Doncaster with red hair and pink socks—YUNGBLUD is something that Dom from Doncaster in red hair and pink socks connects to.”

How YUNGBLUD Built an Inclusive Fanbase Through Activism and Artistry

What I hope you take away from this article is that consistency is a key for artists to be successful in social media. Whether you are being consistent in your posting and social media presence or simply being consistent in who you are/your persona such as YUNGBLUD, your fans will see it and your engagement will be on the rise.

What will you do in the new year to help increase your consistency on social media?

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