Coral Creek Shows Talent Expands Genre Lines

For a band that wants to stay original, genre definitions become only a guide.  There is no reason to be stuck within any one style if you have the talents to explore others.  Our recent discovery Coral Creek has been known to perform a wide variety of sounds to delight their fans.

The Colorado-based band formed back in 2010.  Through four previously released albums, Coral Creek has produced a diverse catalog of original music spanning the genres of rock, country/bluegrass, cajun, folk and even island music.  The band is led by Chris Thompson and Bill McKay (formerly of Leftover Salmon and Derek Trucks Band).  The counter-balance to McKay’s fiery piano is the acoustic guitar work of Chris Thompson, stylistically blazing new trails inspired by Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice.  Rob Garland (bass) and Jack Watson (drums) lock down the rhythm section while Nathan Peoples elevates the music with a soaring bluegrass “saxo-fiddle” and high lonesome vocals.  Other guests are often brought in to elevate the sound as well including Luke Bella and Enion Pelta-Tiller for their bluegrass fiddle specialties.

Coral Creek Keeps Developing With New Record

The fifth album by Coral Creek has really put them on the map.  The self-titled Coral Creek opens a new chapter for the band with production by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth.  The 10 track record focuses on their Americana roots reaching at the heartstrings of the listener.  Right from the opener “Way Back” we are brought into the storytelling style of Coral Creek with an intoxicating melody that will have you sitting back ready to enjoy some relaxation.  “Mountain High” turns up the energy a little with some fancy guitar and keyboard work.  Your body will want to move and voice will sing along with the harmonized chorus.  The solos are pure magic showing some true talent.  The piano takes the lead on “Cryin Bout My Baby” with a bouncy rhythm.  There is definitely a Blues influence heard here in the vocals telling a story.  

The most pop-friendly track off the record, in my opinion, is “Porch Light”.  It brings memories of fun bands like Barenaked Ladies and Leftover Salmon.  The happy feel to the tune gets the head bopping along and voice humming along.  There is a darker and more experimental tone to “Rooster & Dawg”.  The combination of instruments are blended well together to create a full sonic experience that dives for the soul.  Another great example of keyboard talent is heard here.

Tackling A Classic Songwriter

Coral Creek closes the album with an uptempo bluegrass rendition of Neil Young’s “Comes a Time”.  A who’s who of musicians are brought in to add flavor on this one.  Contributions include Andy Thorn (Leftover Salmon), Anders Beck (Greensky Bluegrass), Tyler Grant (Grant Farm), Arthur Lee Land (Great American Taxi), Scott Messersmith (formerly of The Motet), Tanya Shylock (The Motet) and Luke Bulla.

Coral Creek, the album, is available to order or download at

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