Cory Driscoll Takes You To The “Promised Land”

Jacksonsville, FL recording artist Cory Driscoll has it all planned out. He has taken the time to diligently create something special in collaboration with other artists, and the result is a nine-song collection named Eureka Springs (due out March 18 on Long Jump Records). “Promised Land” is the third and most recently released single off of that album.

“Promised Land” is a story of wanting to be wanted. It’s a feeling we’ve all felt at one time or another. The sentiment that you just want to be the one that’s chosen, not the one searching out for love. “I want to be chosen. I don’t want to force your hand,” Driscoll sings on the track’s opening moments.

The song is lighthearted and playful, creating the perfect indie-pop soundscape to get lost into. Bright electric guitar leads the way, pairing seamlessly with the ensemble of drums, horns, and piano.

Listen to “Promised Land” below

“Promised Land” successfully tells a story that can be felt through the music and lyrics. Each subtle change in instrumentals and stylizing fits perfectly with the tone and the message behind the lyrics. As Driscoll has his ‘eureka’ moment at the end of this track, you can feel the mood of the song become amplified with thrashing guitar bursting with energy.

Cory Driscoll wrote “Promised Land” with longtime collaborator and guitarist Sam Lloyd, one of nine musicians spread across the country who contributed to Eureka Springs. ”We’ve dialed in our respective expertise,” Driscoll says of his relationship with Lloyd, which spans several musical projects over more than a dozen years.

“Promised Land” has us wanting even more from Cory Driscoll, and the Eureka Springs release on March 18th will give us just that. Don’t miss the next part of this story.

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