“Cross My Heart” For Ranzel X Kendrick

Ranzel X Kendrick has spent his life seeking out all that the world has to offer him. Travelling throughout America and overseas, Ranzel has gained newfound knowledge and sounds in each adventure. Now, settled in Costa Rica with his partner Mia, Ranzel is ready to release the third EP in his Legacy Collection. The EP titled, Foreglow features five previously unreleased tracks from throughout his entensive travels.

“Cross My Heart” is the opening track for the EP, and undoubtedly the star of the whole show. Beautiful, intricate acoustic guitar brings you in to this gentle embrace and carries you into the rest of the song. What starts out feeling like a love song, quickly heads south as feelings begin to change.

Listen to “Cross My Heart” below

Ranzel’s vocals are tender and vulnerable, helping drive home that helpless feeling of being in a love that is fading away. “Break my heart. Make me die, inside I want to die…” are the lyrics we hear behind a breathtakingly beautiful sound taking over our ears. That juxtaposition makes for a really magical moment that you don’t often get in music.

As the song goes along you get some marvelous harmonies, the kind that can give you chills down your spine. About halfway through the song you get a fusion of soul/jazz incorporated into the acoustic sound, making for a standout moment. Ranzel is known for seamlessly combining genres and he has succeeded again with “Cross My Heart.”

Ranzel X Kendrick has an arsenal of tricks up his sleeve, and Foreglow and “Cross My Heart” showcase some of the best features of his immense talents. Be sure to listen to the remainder of the EP!

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