Crows Approach Punk with Silver Tongues in Debut LP

Home to a countless number of legendary musicians both past and present, the United Kingdom has long been an influential frontrunner on the hardcore music scene. The emergence of punk rock in the ‘70s is perhaps one of the most notable genres embraced by the UK. Rapidly becoming a cultural movement of its own, the impact of punk rock can still be seen today in many of the subgenres it inspired. Defined by anarchic intensity, modern punk rockers face the challenge of living up to the legacy that bands on the front wave such as The Clash and Sex Pistols have laid before them. Taking to the stage with unchained performances and a reputation for breaking instruments as well as bones in the process, London-based group Crows is raising the stakes in preparation for a new, hard-hitting release.

Finding Depth in the Dark

The four piece band featuring James Cox (vocals), Steve Goddard (guitar), Jith Amarasinghe (bass), and Sam Lister (drums) first came together in 2015 and recently signed to Balley Records. Set to drop March 22nd, debut album Silver Tongues will be the latest addition to an already dynamic discography featuring tracks full of edge and honesty. Searching for an appropriate atmosphere in which to bring their latest creation to life, Crows chose to cultivate their depth and dark aesthetic even further by recording Silver Tongues in almost complete darkness. While the band has displayed their passion for punk in previous successful releases, the unique attention to detail in this debut reflects just how special and intimate the album will surely be.

After appearing on tour with groups such as Wolf Alice and Girl Band, Crows began to rack up a following of their own and is planning to hit the road again this spring. Joining fellow British band IDLES, the tour will begin on March 26th and feature 8 shows across the UK. While fans won’t have much time to memorize Silver Tongues in its entirety before the start of tour, the advanced release of the single “Chain of Being” is bound to ensure that crowds will be singing along as they revel in the beautiful chaos of live rock. Be sure to get your tickets soon and prepare for barriers (and possibly bones) to be broken because if Crows rocks as hard on each show as they do on their instruments, this tour is guaranteed to be a smash success.

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