Danny Lamport is a ‘Musician On A Mission’

Life is an amazing thing. Coming into this world we all have a purpose. Our goal should be to discover that purpose and make the best of it. Music is a big part of that for many of us. Our recent find Danny Lamport has the same thoughts as I do and is creating his own unique music to provide a map to our purpose. 

The singer-songwriter is currently based in New York City. The Danny Lamport sound is a little difficult to explain but dances around the folk genre. He creates a variety of acoustic sounds that build from improvisation. In his own words Danny says “I express my perspective through words, and I harness the melodies of my mind through improvisation. I cling to forms that are established and familiar to the ear, and I make them my own. I speak my mind through my lyrics.”

This is on full display is his brand new record Musician On A Mission released today July 2nd. A sweet acoustic tone is set with the opener “Closer To The Truth.” The guitar weaves a pretty melody as a beat is kept with what I believe is a cajon. This creates a warm feeling welcoming the listener in.  

Get ‘Closer To The Truth’ with Danny Lamport

For the title track “Musician On A Mission”, Danny Lamport darkens down the vibe a little by taking us on an experimental journey through sound. His vocals provide the positivity though with a pep that gets the toes tapping along. Some background vocals are added as a call for the listener to feel free to sing along. The image of a campfire sing-a-long comes to mind. 

On “Sammy’s Song” Danny lets effects deepen the connection as a full wall of sound is build to encompass the room. Sounds jump in from all angles to keep us guessing where he will be taking us next. 

This continues on the laid back “Whole Again.” Another full soundscape of improvisation is layered here to complete the track. The vocal style here is warm and welcoming in a cozy kind of way. A pretty guitar breathes some life into the track pushing it along. The closer “Live In The Moment” is a call to action in true relaxing Danny Lamport fashion. This a perfect listen when we just want to lay back and let our mind wander. Danny will lead the way.

Keep up with Danny Lamport for more on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

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Really enjoyed listening to this album. The lyrics are personal and resonate with me also. The music supports the words and they combine to make a very special musical journey that I can listen to multiple times.

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