Dark Dark Horse Release New Single ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’

Typically the best year to go on an exchange is the third year of undergrad, as it’s far enough into the degree that you have electives free to take and far enough away from graduation so that grades and credits can be transferred in time. Because of research opportunities, I ended up needing to spend my third year at my university and then only had the logistically difficult option of going on exchange during the last year of my degree.


The amount of back-and-forth I had, both in-person and electronically, honestly could have qualified me for a career in human resources. At the start of the semester in August, I finally found myself sitting in an auditorium in Copenhagen amongst all the other international students about to begin their academic exchanges. The university rector addressed us saying “Many of you must be wondering if coming abroad was the right decision, if you made the right decision.” As much of the room nodded along, exposing their uncertainty, he continued, “Well, you’re already here so I guess it doesn’t matter.”

‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’ Reveals a Soothing yet Dramatic Side of Dark Dark Horse

The university rector quickly shut down our common tendency to live too much in the past or future, somehow ending up missing out on the present where we currently are, thus ending up with nothing at all. With their new single, “And Then We Had Nothing At All,” Dark Dark Horse touches on this very struggle, which can range between over-analyzing and turning a blind eye — both paths ending in ambivalence.

And Then We Had Nothing at All by darkdarkhorse

Dark Dark Horse is a glacial pop-electronica indie rock duo from Leicester comprised of James Stafford (singer) and Jamie Ward (producer/multi-instrumentalist).


“’And Then We Had Nothing At All’ is perhaps the most epic and ambitious song we’ve recorded so far,” said Ward. “At over seven minutes long it defies the typical conventions of a single but it’s power, beauty, and grandeur was something we felt needed its own space… A kaleidoscope of swirling reverse synths, dusty samples from my mother’s children’s music classes, pounding drums, and sweeping violin… we really threw the kitchen sink at this one.”


Dark Dark Horse manages a sound that is exactly as it is described — layers of glacial pop-electronica and indie rock, utilizing synths as well as electric guitar. Experience them live on February 8 in London at the Sebright Arms, where they are supporting Holy, and keep up with them on their Twitter and Facebook.

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