darkDark Releases New Downtempo Single, “Moments”

Beneath the vibrant single cover above lies a hot new single from the production duo darkDark, entitled “Moments.” darkDark consists of Genevieve Vincent and Chris James, who record their downtempo electronica from their studios in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles.

“Moments” consists of haunting airy vocals and harmonies from Vincent enveloped by a spacy, ethereal texture. All of this is set over a groovy drum beat, emotional pad chords. A blaring lead synth cries in the post-chorus, fading to chords that pull you closer. The song embodies the many colors of emotion that lie within new experiences.



“Moments” is also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

The duo hasn’t publicly released much information about upcoming music, except on their website. Here they mention an EP including their single “Moments,” as well as the songs “Restless,” “Shelter,” and “Fake It.” The same page praises James’ vocals, which were not featured on “Moments.”

Keep Your Ears Open and Eyes Peeled for New Music from darkDark!

Also coming soon seems to be a video to accompany “Moments,” which “is inspired by the mid-70s work of Jean “Moebius” Giraud, and beautifully visualizes the track’s ethereal textures, explosive 808-lined chorus, and spectral but seductive vocals.”

If you like their single, “Moments,” like I did, be sure to stay tuned on their WEBSITE as the duo continues to release some great music and views!

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