Davy Williamson Lights It Up ‘Down By The Fire’

“Down By The Fire” is the new EP from North Carolina artist Davy Williamson, a fiery and fierce display of emotion and musicianship. It’s a powerful tour de force of an EP, with a substantial amount of harsh feelings behind the 8 listed tracks.

It’s also the debut of Davy Williamson himself as a solo act, though the artist has been involved in many different bands including Third Day Passenger and Emilio 5. 

As mentioned, the new EP revolves around serious and harsh topics, including broken homes, losing friends and relationship issues. It’s no surprise then that the very first track on the EP, “Thin Disguise,” is an intense number that goes straight into the rage that encapsulates most of the project.

It’s a very strong opener, properly setting the tone for the rest of the album. The lead guitars are aggressive and constantly gnawing at the listener as Davy himself wails out lyrics that hit pretty close to home for people who have been through similar experiences.

Davy continues to vent out his frustrations on the next two tracks, “Cliche” and “Faultline”, which are both also excellent tracks. Blaring guitars and Davy’s vocals soar through both of the tracks, as the drums in the background maintain a steady pace. It forms a relentless wall of sound, one that does not let up.

Tracks like ‘Down By The Fire’ hit you in the face with explosive rock brawn, but also sharp and emotive lyrics. Williamson’s cutting lyrics touch on themes of relationships and struggles which is expressed through dynamic vocal exclaims. 

Qualities like this also carry over to the more somber tunes on the EP, the most obvious being “Same Place” where Davy bellows the lyrics with unmatched passion alongside the crashing instrumentation of the bombastic arrangements. 

“Down By The Fire” is something special. It’s not perfect, the pure relentless energy of the album can wear some people out, but the gritty and instrumentally rich tracks will easily get anyone to headbang or cry along with the songs.

We recommend any fan of hard rock music give Davy Williamson’s “Down By The Fire” a listen. For a solo debut project, it’s very well done, and the messages on the album resonate well with anyone who’s been through hard times. On top of that, it’s just a really good hard rock album with a solid list of tracks, a great time all around.

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